February 27, 2012

Smart comment of the day

So I was listening to some music (that ooooone --->  CARROT!) And I just saw the 2nd top comment: 

"No Antidote?
No problem, just check in the Viridian Forest
Bu-Dum Tss"

Okay that one made me smile.. but also it made me think...  man I feel bad for those kids born after 1999 (including my siblings -.-). 
I'm a 90's kid and proud! :D

February 26, 2012

10 Places I've been - Part II

Crete is the largest Greek island and if you like old tales about the Gods like Zeus, The Minotaur etc. this is just the place for you! It is located "under" Greece and above Libya. On Crete you find many myths, stunning thousand-kilometer beaches and some super yummy olive oil :D (no seriously) AND It is a wonderful place for tourists. The people there are very friendly and helpful.

Might be most known for it's candy. The Mozart's Balls (you better google it) and the alps. It's located "above" Italy and has a beautiful nature. Austria has been confused with Australia by many people.. even the former President George W. Bush:
“I'm looking forward to seeing some kangaroos here!”~ George W. Bush on Austria.
Austria has many smaller villages in the mountains which light up everything at night. If you like skiing this is just the right place for you, but also, if you like me, drive through every year during summer time, you might should think of taking a break and get something to eat at a traditional restaurant. From here you can enjoy that special view you won't find anywhere else.


Is right beside Austria. They're famous for their swiss knives, watches and chocolate! YUM! To me Austria and Schwitzerland look very alike, might be because I don't remember much of it. BUT before you judge, have you heard of those "Lederhosen"? yeah.. I'm sorry to blast your bubble but you barely see people there wearing those unless you're at some kind of festival.


Okay.. AMO I'ITALIA! Really, Italy is a wonderful place. And now you think of pizza right? They make the best pizza in the world! (Well duuh, they invented it) Oh and their pasta is really good too! I've been there for straight 6-7 years now and I'll never get tired of it. The Italian market is a must, here you can find all sort of stuff and for a good price. The Italians are super loving (especially when you're blonde). There are many campsites and people from all over the world go here, you'll never be alone. The weathers great but every time I've been there, there has been a tropical storm. OH and don't forget about those monster hails.

Ahem.. IKEA! Hahah sorry, I couldn't help it :) SO Sweden is in Scandinavia and it's located beside/above Denmark and under Norway. Well why not love Sweden? They've got ABBA, IKEA, and Astrid Lindgren (the creater of Pippi. You know her right?.. no?... okay..) Okay but you DO now Swedish House Mafia right? YES! They're from here! (duuuh). Anyways, Sweden has a beautiful nature and the people there are friendly and easy to talk to (and not just because I understand Swedish). The clima is great! If you want a rather hot summer = go there! and if you wanna go skiing and enjoy some snow = go there!

I hope this inspired you to go travel some more, maybe you have been to some special place you wanna share about? Leave a comment :D

February 25, 2012

10 Places I've been - Part I

Recently I realised that through my entire life I've been to exactly 10 countries (or places) so I thought, why not make a list and tell people? :) I mean, maybe I could inspire some of you out there to visit some of those places. I listed in order to where I've been first...
Here we go:


Denmark is a nice little country. It's located right above Germany and is the oldest kingdom in the world. There are both new and old fashioned buildings and we still got our old traditions. Denmark is known for their windmills 
and so called "Danish cookies" 
Now you think of Nazism and Hitler? RACIST! D:< erh.. But no, Germany is way more than that. Germany is located in the middle of Europe and it's pretty huge (especially when you have to rive through to get to other countries -.-") They're known worldwide for their beer. 

                                                        3. THAILAND:

Okay I was 3 years old when I was here so I don't remember much but riding the elephants and that huuuuuuge christmas tree (We celebrated christmas and New Year there :D) Thailand was like heaven! I strongly recomment it and I have to go there again.

Thailand is such a beautiful country with that traditional old-fashioned look. But they got those new/modern buildings too. I was in Bangkok and Jomtien which are two very different places. Bangkok was that big city with lights and many people and Jomtie was more like a tourism'ish place with some of the most beautiful coastlines.


Is located beside Germany (Western side) They are known for their tulips, their cheese and pot -.- yeeah . . . Well, actually I can't say much about it since I don't remember anything. I guess we just have to go there to find out :)

An island located "under" Italy. Malta is famous for it's history and the Maltese Crosses which can be found on several building. The Maltese are very welcoming people and they're lucky caus' the weathers good all year round. They're easy to talk to since the official language on Malta is English. It's really beautiful and their beaches are also known for being super clean.

I'll be back tomorrow with the 5 other countries I've been too. I hope you've had fun reading and might got a little more interested in these countries ;) See you tomorrow in 10 Places I've been - Part II

My average life...

Good morning world! :D
Wew finally weekend and I got nothing to do (in a good way). No big assignments for school, only a little bit homework, a new computer game (sorry I know I'm nerdy haha), and the weathers great! I mean, it's way easier to smile with sun in your face than on a rainy day :D

Oh well, thought I'd share a little about my friday. So yesterday I came walking down the hallway at school when my friend passed me. He grabbed my arm and was like "Come here! We're gonna go get some coffee" and yeah why not, so I went with him. While on our way to the cafeteria we had to take the stairs caus' our class rooms are on the 2nd floor. I was walking in front of him and suddently I heard that Darth Vader theme song, I looked around very confused and realised it came from him, but before I got to say anything he said: "I got my own theme song! Pretty cool huh ;)?" and started laughing.. Then when we came down there he chose to turn up the volume and walk directly into the crowd and with such a serious face he passed all those starring people.. I know it doesn't sound funny here but I died of laughing. Oooooh and just as I thought my day couldn't get better I met my other friend Mette. And while eatin our lunch she suddenly shouted: "Oh look Lulu (my nickname) a lightsaber!" I turned around and saw 3 older guys playing it... DAY MADE!

February 21, 2012

The Official Pancake Day!

Sup woooorld?? I'm still sick.. that's why I've been pretty lazy to make new posts the last few days sooo I'll make this one short BUT important! A week ago on the radio (and again today) they said that today was the official Pancake Day and I freaked out when I found out! I begged my mom over and over to let me make pancakes but no... then I went for my dad and he gave up! >:D So my daddy went to buy some of those you just have to heat up. And theeeeese are my yummy pancakes! With icecream of course! :P
Merry Pancake Day! :D 
(BTW did you realize todays' date? 21/2-12' ---> 21212 WOOH!!)

February 19, 2012


Like 10 minutes ago, while I wrote the last post my parents and siblings came home. They told us they had something to say and I was really hyper asking if we were going to South Korea, I had really wished for that. But then they got all serious and told my that my mom had had cancer in her arm, luckily she have had problems with her skin for a little while and they cut off a piece of skin on her shoulder to check/test it. She had some weird looking brown spot on her shoulder as they cut off, caus' well... she was already there so why not. Turns out there was cancer in that ugly spot but the doctors says it's gone now.. That was the only place with cancer in her body and well, they literally sliced it off o.O Now I better go back in there...

But for everyone out there who either has it, are in family with someone who has it or know somebody with cancer, my thoughts go to you. May the luck be with you and always remember to hope for the best w

Sick.. - And candy nails!

Bwaah! This week I've had my winter break and it was awesome, but now the last 3 days I've been sick, wohoo! =__= but yeah I'm a little better now.. I barely ate and I got soooo muhc sleep. I was with Emilie unthil friday and we were home alone and supposed to order pizza or somehing but we fell asleep on the floor and forgot to eat Not just that, also, in the middle of the day we got hungry.. we went to the kitchen and tried to find something good . . . well, it's unhealthy yes, but it tastes like heaven  ♥   At least Emilie got to eat before this but for me, this was breakfast.
Aside from that, today I was home alone again. My family were at a birthday party but I stay'd home to do my assignments. While taking a break I looked down at my nails and they were really boring so I put on some clothes and went to the nearest supermarket to buy some stuff. Iiiiin the end it turned out like this :D
I'll put up a tutorial on my youtube later on, but for now I need to perfect this look ;) Oooh I can't wait to see my friends' reactions tomorrow haha~ 

February 16, 2012

Photoshoots! - Day 3-4

Goooooood evening! :D Yesterday we focused most on Emily so there wasn't time for me, buuuut.. there was  today! Today was the last day of this "photoshoot" round or whatever.. so yeah, it'll be a little while before we're gonna do more pics. So.. enjoy ;)

I didn't just do new pics today but I also found some from Day 1 and 2... 

Yeeeeah.. I look EVIL on this one.. 

Oh yeah.. As a bonus.. In the end of the day we got a little tired and started to get less and less serious.....
That was all for today, I hope you enjoyed :D
The rest of the pics will be put up tomorrow on my Facebook. To find 'em all you need to do is click on this apple! ---> BANANA!

February 15, 2012

Photoshoots! - Day 2

Pictures from yesterday! ^^ (Yeah I'm a little behind)

I did two types of outfits that day, this was the more "cute" and innocent one.

This was from the more sporty'ish look. I don't know, but in some way I think I look older on these compared to the "cute" ones. 
There were more pics but I didn't wanna put up all of them on my blog. Instead they can be found on my Facebook: HERE! 

Photoshoots! - Day 1

 So 2 days ago I went to a  photoshoot with my best friend Emily Jo <3 It was our first day and we were fooling around alot BUT we also got to take some pics which I'll show you guys ... now! :)
Okay the first one was kind of a fail, but yeah.. we just started! And the days after we took/ will take more pics. Stay tuned! :D

February 14, 2012

Valentines' Day

___██▓▒░__________░▒▓██   To start out with..
____██▓▒░________░▒▓██  Happy Valentines' Day!
______██▓▒░__░▒▓██ And for people like me..
_______█▓▒░░▒▓██  Happy Single-awareness-Day!       
_________░▒▓██    (Yup, we're cool like that)

February 13, 2012

Wellness Hotel in Germany

This weekend I was in Germany with my family. We stay'd at some place called Balladins Superior Hotel Gutsmann. The hotel was okay but not as I expected, I didn't really like it but my family did. Well my grandparents invited us, so I couldn't really say no.

This is the Hotel from outside, I took the pic from our car on our way home.                                                  

Outside the Hotel I found this sign. It said "Tanzbar" which is German for a dance club or something like that. It was in the basement but unfortunately I didn't get to see it. 
Eyeball candy..

My grandpa with a beer, Germany is known worldwide because of these. 

On the first night we went to eat at some Greece restaurent. And by an accident I looked down at this tissue while waiting for my food. On the left side it says how to say different things in Greece, and on the right it says what it means in German.

 I woke up one of the days and I don't know why.. but I looked down at my knees and I saw some mystical triangle. I have no idea how I got it...

On our way home my sister bought this. It's some kind of paper but with candy flavour. I felt like a cow while eating it.. But seriously, it tastes baaaad, don't try it!

Sooo... my grandma turn on the lights at like 8am and as the lazy person I am I tried to hide, but the lamp was right beside my head so instead of hiding this was my reaction.. my sister as I shared the bed wit his now all convinced that I'm a vampire.. 

February 10, 2012

A fruity surprise

Hello world! :D
This weekend I'm going to Germany with my family and grandparents, and it's some kind of wellness hotel we'll be staying at .. oookay back to the point! So yeah.. When I came home from school I found some meditation music for my mom and I told her to relax.. she was so good at it that she fell asleep.. so I decided to make her a little surprise, this is what I came up with:

A great mix of apples with cinnamon, oranges with cocoa, pears, kiwii and some dark chocolate spread all over it. I put water with lemon taste in one of the glasses and a mix of juice and some flavoured water in the other one. As dessert I put some kind of chocolate bar beside it ;)
She really loved it and I can strongly recommend you to try it out too :D

February 9, 2012


Make A DifferenceI found this on 9gag yesterday and I just had to post it on here.

February 7, 2012

Faith in humanity: RESTORED - Butterfly Project

Yesterday evening while sitting on Facebook doing nothing I stalked a friend of mine and I saw that he was attending something called Butterfly Project <3 and as the girl I am I couldn't resist looking at the event. Turned out it was more than just a normal school project. As the girl who came up with the idea says: "The butterfly project is to help cutters stop cutting by drawing a butterfly on your wrisk" I think it's such a beautiful thought so of course I've joined and I thought I'd share it with you guys <3Even though I don't cut I think we should all support projects like these and show the people who cut, that they're not alone. I drew my butterflies and wrote my friends initials (those friends who cut) and I thought I'd share :)<3
The project already started and lasts unthil February 14th, I really hope to see more people with butterflies on their wrists in the next few days. I placed a link to event under the picture <3

February 6, 2012

Pyjamas need!

Seriously, I'm in a HUGE need of a new pyjamas and I've been searching through magazines all day.. nothing. So I went on Google... NOTHING! D: So yeah.. I decided just to draw what I wanted and maybe if I was lucky, somebody who saw this post could tell me where to find stuff that looks a little bit alike.

February 5, 2012

Grandparents! :3

Today I went to visit my grandparents 2 streets away. Then later on when my cousins came we had dinner :3
The woman in blue is my mom. My grandma is wearing the striped shirt, my dad the black and my grandpa the white one. The girl in red is my older cousin, she made us soup later on (Which was super yummy :D) The little girl is my sister and her twinbrother in blue (and YES that IS an Iphone with a PINK cover in front of him > >)

~Lucy~ <3