February 25, 2012

10 Places I've been - Part I

Recently I realised that through my entire life I've been to exactly 10 countries (or places) so I thought, why not make a list and tell people? :) I mean, maybe I could inspire some of you out there to visit some of those places. I listed in order to where I've been first...
Here we go:


Denmark is a nice little country. It's located right above Germany and is the oldest kingdom in the world. There are both new and old fashioned buildings and we still got our old traditions. Denmark is known for their windmills 
and so called "Danish cookies" 
Now you think of Nazism and Hitler? RACIST! D:< erh.. But no, Germany is way more than that. Germany is located in the middle of Europe and it's pretty huge (especially when you have to rive through to get to other countries -.-") They're known worldwide for their beer. 

                                                        3. THAILAND:

Okay I was 3 years old when I was here so I don't remember much but riding the elephants and that huuuuuuge christmas tree (We celebrated christmas and New Year there :D) Thailand was like heaven! I strongly recomment it and I have to go there again.

Thailand is such a beautiful country with that traditional old-fashioned look. But they got those new/modern buildings too. I was in Bangkok and Jomtien which are two very different places. Bangkok was that big city with lights and many people and Jomtie was more like a tourism'ish place with some of the most beautiful coastlines.


Is located beside Germany (Western side) They are known for their tulips, their cheese and pot -.- yeeah . . . Well, actually I can't say much about it since I don't remember anything. I guess we just have to go there to find out :)

An island located "under" Italy. Malta is famous for it's history and the Maltese Crosses which can be found on several building. The Maltese are very welcoming people and they're lucky caus' the weathers good all year round. They're easy to talk to since the official language on Malta is English. It's really beautiful and their beaches are also known for being super clean.

I'll be back tomorrow with the 5 other countries I've been too. I hope you've had fun reading and might got a little more interested in these countries ;) See you tomorrow in 10 Places I've been - Part II

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