February 7, 2012

Faith in humanity: RESTORED - Butterfly Project

Yesterday evening while sitting on Facebook doing nothing I stalked a friend of mine and I saw that he was attending something called Butterfly Project <3 and as the girl I am I couldn't resist looking at the event. Turned out it was more than just a normal school project. As the girl who came up with the idea says: "The butterfly project is to help cutters stop cutting by drawing a butterfly on your wrisk" I think it's such a beautiful thought so of course I've joined and I thought I'd share it with you guys <3Even though I don't cut I think we should all support projects like these and show the people who cut, that they're not alone. I drew my butterflies and wrote my friends initials (those friends who cut) and I thought I'd share :)<3
The project already started and lasts unthil February 14th, I really hope to see more people with butterflies on their wrists in the next few days. I placed a link to event under the picture <3

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