February 4, 2012

Snape the tapesnail! :D

I was super bored and then I saw my tape right beside me. I figured it was too "normal" to be MY tape so I decided to transform it into.. bambambaaaaam a SNAIL! (Don't ask why o.O)

 As you see I used mah supah drafting skills (and my nailpolish) to draw the shape. 
 I used my super glue to make it stick to the tape.. and yeah.. by accident I got it on my fingers and AGAIN accidently touched my eyebrow and it hurt ALOT I tell you, but it seems like my eyebrow is okay again now.. 

And here he is. Guys, meet Snape (You know.. tape + snail = Snape)
Cute huh :]? 

~Lucy~ <3


  1. Buwhaha Snape is gunna rule the world! jkz ;'> nicely done tho ;o!