February 25, 2012

My average life...

Good morning world! :D
Wew finally weekend and I got nothing to do (in a good way). No big assignments for school, only a little bit homework, a new computer game (sorry I know I'm nerdy haha), and the weathers great! I mean, it's way easier to smile with sun in your face than on a rainy day :D

Oh well, thought I'd share a little about my friday. So yesterday I came walking down the hallway at school when my friend passed me. He grabbed my arm and was like "Come here! We're gonna go get some coffee" and yeah why not, so I went with him. While on our way to the cafeteria we had to take the stairs caus' our class rooms are on the 2nd floor. I was walking in front of him and suddently I heard that Darth Vader theme song, I looked around very confused and realised it came from him, but before I got to say anything he said: "I got my own theme song! Pretty cool huh ;)?" and started laughing.. Then when we came down there he chose to turn up the volume and walk directly into the crowd and with such a serious face he passed all those starring people.. I know it doesn't sound funny here but I died of laughing. Oooooh and just as I thought my day couldn't get better I met my other friend Mette. And while eatin our lunch she suddenly shouted: "Oh look Lulu (my nickname) a lightsaber!" I turned around and saw 3 older guys playing it... DAY MADE!

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