February 16, 2012

Photoshoots! - Day 3-4

Goooooood evening! :D Yesterday we focused most on Emily so there wasn't time for me, buuuut.. there was  today! Today was the last day of this "photoshoot" round or whatever.. so yeah, it'll be a little while before we're gonna do more pics. So.. enjoy ;)

I didn't just do new pics today but I also found some from Day 1 and 2... 

Yeeeeah.. I look EVIL on this one.. 

Oh yeah.. As a bonus.. In the end of the day we got a little tired and started to get less and less serious.....
That was all for today, I hope you enjoyed :D
The rest of the pics will be put up tomorrow on my Facebook. To find 'em all you need to do is click on this apple! ---> BANANA!

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