February 26, 2012

10 Places I've been - Part II

Crete is the largest Greek island and if you like old tales about the Gods like Zeus, The Minotaur etc. this is just the place for you! It is located "under" Greece and above Libya. On Crete you find many myths, stunning thousand-kilometer beaches and some super yummy olive oil :D (no seriously) AND It is a wonderful place for tourists. The people there are very friendly and helpful.

Might be most known for it's candy. The Mozart's Balls (you better google it) and the alps. It's located "above" Italy and has a beautiful nature. Austria has been confused with Australia by many people.. even the former President George W. Bush:
“I'm looking forward to seeing some kangaroos here!”~ George W. Bush on Austria.
Austria has many smaller villages in the mountains which light up everything at night. If you like skiing this is just the right place for you, but also, if you like me, drive through every year during summer time, you might should think of taking a break and get something to eat at a traditional restaurant. From here you can enjoy that special view you won't find anywhere else.


Is right beside Austria. They're famous for their swiss knives, watches and chocolate! YUM! To me Austria and Schwitzerland look very alike, might be because I don't remember much of it. BUT before you judge, have you heard of those "Lederhosen"? yeah.. I'm sorry to blast your bubble but you barely see people there wearing those unless you're at some kind of festival.


Okay.. AMO I'ITALIA! Really, Italy is a wonderful place. And now you think of pizza right? They make the best pizza in the world! (Well duuh, they invented it) Oh and their pasta is really good too! I've been there for straight 6-7 years now and I'll never get tired of it. The Italian market is a must, here you can find all sort of stuff and for a good price. The Italians are super loving (especially when you're blonde). There are many campsites and people from all over the world go here, you'll never be alone. The weathers great but every time I've been there, there has been a tropical storm. OH and don't forget about those monster hails.

Ahem.. IKEA! Hahah sorry, I couldn't help it :) SO Sweden is in Scandinavia and it's located beside/above Denmark and under Norway. Well why not love Sweden? They've got ABBA, IKEA, and Astrid Lindgren (the creater of Pippi. You know her right?.. no?... okay..) Okay but you DO now Swedish House Mafia right? YES! They're from here! (duuuh). Anyways, Sweden has a beautiful nature and the people there are friendly and easy to talk to (and not just because I understand Swedish). The clima is great! If you want a rather hot summer = go there! and if you wanna go skiing and enjoy some snow = go there!

I hope this inspired you to go travel some more, maybe you have been to some special place you wanna share about? Leave a comment :D

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