February 13, 2012

Wellness Hotel in Germany

This weekend I was in Germany with my family. We stay'd at some place called Balladins Superior Hotel Gutsmann. The hotel was okay but not as I expected, I didn't really like it but my family did. Well my grandparents invited us, so I couldn't really say no.

This is the Hotel from outside, I took the pic from our car on our way home.                                                  

Outside the Hotel I found this sign. It said "Tanzbar" which is German for a dance club or something like that. It was in the basement but unfortunately I didn't get to see it. 
Eyeball candy..

My grandpa with a beer, Germany is known worldwide because of these. 

On the first night we went to eat at some Greece restaurent. And by an accident I looked down at this tissue while waiting for my food. On the left side it says how to say different things in Greece, and on the right it says what it means in German.

 I woke up one of the days and I don't know why.. but I looked down at my knees and I saw some mystical triangle. I have no idea how I got it...

On our way home my sister bought this. It's some kind of paper but with candy flavour. I felt like a cow while eating it.. But seriously, it tastes baaaad, don't try it!

Sooo... my grandma turn on the lights at like 8am and as the lazy person I am I tried to hide, but the lamp was right beside my head so instead of hiding this was my reaction.. my sister as I shared the bed wit his now all convinced that I'm a vampire.. 

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