March 31, 2012

Easter on its way! - Weird notes

Hey there, once again I survived the stress caused by assignments, and while doing them I went through some of my old notes.. I found ALOT of strange quotes and weird drawings but there were too many to show you guys, so I just found these two :)
  Ninja cat!

Also I was looking through my camera again and I found these pics I took one day on my way to school.. I kinda like the creepyness about it. I felt like walking in some old abandoned ghost-town :o

Oh and then the last pics for now. Easter is coming up and my Easter break just started, my younger brother seemed super excited about it, so he made me this cake :D

March 28, 2012

Oh God why?!?

Hi people :) Yeah.. once again I'm super busy, I've got 5 assignments right now.. 2 for Friday, one for Sunday morning and some others.. So yeah, I'm really really stressed and I'll have to finish these as soon as possible so actually I just posted this to tell you that I might not update the next 4 days (It won't be more than 4 days). 
Okay well I guess that's it.. sigh.. I better go get started..

And for those of you out there who's lucky enough to NOT have any assignments waiting for the moment... enjoy this random picture of a cake that I found on my computer (I seriously need to clean up on it soon).

March 26, 2012

Drawing, sketching, call it what you want xD

Hi world! How are you? - I'm pretty busy here :) More and more of my friends have started asking me to draw for them. And Aaaawh, a friend of mine asked me to draw him and his gf as a surprise gift for her, that's just so cuuute <3
I was really proud of this one, I think I colored it very well but my scanner keeps messing up =____=

This is my most recent drawing for my friend Rei, later today I'll finish the next one :) 
EDIT: Since I wasn't able to view the pic today, I had to upload it from my camera, therefore the bad quality.

Today I went on a trip with my class and came home around half an hour ago. I've got loads to do and talk about later but right now I'll have to go eat, cya later :D 

March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games - Pics! :P

I'm sorry that I didn't get to write more yesterday.. I came home a bit later than expected =___=
Anyways, I also made a mistake in my last post, it wasn't just the preview that I went to, it was the world premiere :D

Guys, meet my friend Maria.

Okay so yeah I went to Maria's house and did her nails. She found me THIS tutorial and asked me to do her nails like that. I was DAMN hard but I think the result turned out pretty well thinking of that I didn't have half of the real colours or tools.
After finishing these she had a minor freak out. Only an hour back... 

We went there and pick up our other friend Maria

In the middle of everything there was a huge table with popcorns just for those of us who were going to watch The Hunger Games. Behind that table there were 2 more filled with different kinds of soda, and when we entered we could pick some bags of candy too. 
I think that was all, for those of you who are going to or thinking of watching this movie.. HAVE FUN! :D It was a nice movie and it had some touching moments once in a while. Also.. you might get a shock at some point >:)

March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games - Watermelon nails

Yoooo! :D Today's been a great day so far! I had off early from school and just came home. In an hour or so I'll take the bus and then go to my friend Maria's house. She asked me to do her nails because tonight.. We're going to the preview of The Hunger Games with our other friend Maria :D
If you want to go see it too I suggest you to watch the trailer which can be found right here: Click me click me!! :]

Let's see what more.. OH YES! Yesterday I finally got to finish my nails...
Watermelons! <3 Perfect for summer :D Now speaking of summer.. today (as you can see) the sun has been shining all day .. I really can't wait for summer! 

I'll get back later tonight, but now I have to go get ready . . okay see yah! :D

March 20, 2012

Boring post..

As I was eating my dinner I found this potato thingie and I simply couldn't help it.. 
Haha sorry, my food art skills sucks but PFFFF it made eating dinner way more fun ^^!

Bleeh I sense that todays post will be boring. Well .. SO WHAT" >:D Okay anyways a friend of mine asked me to come play this online game with him today so I lend his account there since my own got hacked. It feels good to know that I still got my pro-skills after months without playing :D

Oh and yeah, now I'm gonna go watch the news, I heard there had been an earthquake in Mexico :/ I hope people there are okay!

ლ(ò 益óლ)

Assignments assignments assignments... WHY U NO MORE EXCITING?!?!? ლ(ò 益óლ) GAAAH!!! 

March 19, 2012

Curling hair!

OH! I almost forgot! This weekend I've also been curling my hair :D
So? Curling hair is nothing -.-? WRONG!! Not if you use a t-shirt like I did!
I found this video on youtube ..actually my best friend sent me and she had tried it so I was liek "WOOOOAH :O I wanna try too!!!" So yeah I did. If you haven't tried it before I'd recommend you to do it in the weekends where you ot ime to wash it out if you fail.. I failed like EPICLY!
But maybe it's just me, to be honest I was kinda bad at it, but hey.. why not try? You can find the video here :D
Click me, I'm a banana!

I stole my dad's shirt :P 

Well Imma' go now, a friend of mine asked for help in some computer game and after that I'll have to help another friend o.O Yeeeah.. I don't get why they always want my help, they're better than me anyways.. but why not, I get the chance to kick some butt >:) OH and more drawings are on their way ^^

An onion o.O?

So today I found an onion on my way home.. confused? So am I o__O

Anyways, today's been a loooong Monday as usual and I missed the bus.. But it´didn't matter, the sun has been shining ALL day! (Except from this morning.. it was cold.. and windy... and rainy =__=) And yeah.. good weather always makes me happy and when I found a chocolate egg on my floor when I finally came home it just got even better. PLUS there was something in it! Look! :D

Man I miss those days where the stuff inside Kinder Eggs was actually buildable...

Anyways, look at my pretty little car ^^!

March 18, 2012

Doing crazy things"

Heey there! :D Time to post again, first of all, I'l sorry I haven't been updating.. I've been a little busy. Now that's said.. I DID have spare time and I did soooo many crazy things >:)

I promised to draw for my friend like.. a week ago I think? And I finally got to do it, he liked it so it's all good :D
~Le final result~

Also I've been eating (caus' I'm fat like that MWHAHAH) My mom made these things called "fastelavnsboller" which is basically bread with cream inside it and then some frosting on top :)


March 13, 2012

Le inspiring sign

First, today I came across this random blog and I found this pic, I found it really inspiring and thought I'd share it :D
The blog can be found here:

March 12, 2012

My First Prom - And my moms surprise for me

This Friday I was at my first prom ever at my new school and it was awesome! At first I went out with my family and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, my friend joined me (The girl to the left). After that we went to my school. We had to do some pretty old-fashioned dance called Les Lanchiers and after that we were free to do pretty much whatever we wanted. As a 10th grader I'd have to wear a short black dress (as you can see on the pic). Here I'm standing with some of my best friends from my old and new class :)
My parents wore formal clothes too but of course my dad had to be a little different as always. He went to the prom in a nice purple suit with THESE socks o__O
Enough with the prom! Today when I came home from school my mom told me she had a small surprise for me and that she placed it on my floor. When I came in I found this, a small Easter Egg, isn't she just lovely?

That was all for now I think. Have a nice day and come back later for new posts :D

March 9, 2012

A "Suiting" Gift

Today is my friends' birthday so I decided to find him a little something. I bought some chocolate and figured... Isn't this a little too average for that friend of mine? The answer is YES, I mean seriously... every day in school he's wearing a suit and a hat. So YES, my creative mood took over and told me to make his chocolate everything but average (Not like a real voice or something, I ain't THAT crazy :P). That round gold thingie is supposed to be a watch since he got one of those too.

On that watch I wrote "Open" and inside I "engraved" a small greeting. 
The most awesome thing was that he made a cake for his class... WITH A SUIT ON! And guess the colour? It was blue! Perfectly matching my gift :D
And yes your eyes ain't tricking you, there's a moustache on that letter, AND is has a hat :P

March 8, 2012

My dressed up siblings...

 Guys, meet my little sister, her and her twin brother is going to some party today and they haveto dress up. My sister decided to be a baby while my bro is going .... as a woman o___O Yeeeah.. he asked us for help to look like her:
 Her name is Linse Kessler and she's famous in my country.

 Yeeeah.. This is my 11 years old brother.. But just as we finished he got hungry, his "boobs" are too big so it was hard for him to reach his toast.. How did he solve this problem you might ask? 

Seems like they were useful in the end o.O

March 5, 2012


Hey everyone! :)
Dang I'm still sick haha, okay anyways! Yesterday I went to watch a movie with a friend of mine, his "Movie bro" recently got a girlfriend and yesterday was her birthday so he couldn't go, therefore my friend asked me to go with him. Okay so we went there and he paid for me, I really don't like the feeling of that.. But in some way I'll find a way to pay him back! >:D Anyways, we went there and he had told me a little about the movie... some guy who eats bad peoples souls or something.. I didn't pay much attention at that point but it was pretty good. It turns out it was a 3D movie, which just made it even better :) 
The movie was called Ghostrider and it's like.. a pretty guy'ish movie, there was lik and then one other girl.. the rest in there were guys. I can recomment it though and I really think you people should go watch it :D

This is a picture of my awesome 3D glasses and a tissue my friend gave me for some strange reason o___O

March 3, 2012

Lovely Video

Hey, just a quick update! I'm still sick, now I started coughing too now... just great =___= Anyways while on Facebook today I saw this post made by one of my best friends. He had made a video and I thought I'd share with you. I think it's really cute and in some way it lightened up my day :) You can find the video right Here <3

The song he used is called He Is We - All About Us ft. Owl City which in itself has a great love story <3
That's all for now, I'll be back later.. Unthil then, take care :D

Also I found this one . . . It's so beautiful and her look when she sees herself at 2:27 .. it's adorable <3