March 19, 2012

Curling hair!

OH! I almost forgot! This weekend I've also been curling my hair :D
So? Curling hair is nothing -.-? WRONG!! Not if you use a t-shirt like I did!
I found this video on youtube ..actually my best friend sent me and she had tried it so I was liek "WOOOOAH :O I wanna try too!!!" So yeah I did. If you haven't tried it before I'd recommend you to do it in the weekends where you ot ime to wash it out if you fail.. I failed like EPICLY!
But maybe it's just me, to be honest I was kinda bad at it, but hey.. why not try? You can find the video here :D
Click me, I'm a banana!

I stole my dad's shirt :P 

Well Imma' go now, a friend of mine asked for help in some computer game and after that I'll have to help another friend o.O Yeeeah.. I don't get why they always want my help, they're better than me anyways.. but why not, I get the chance to kick some butt >:) OH and more drawings are on their way ^^

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