March 5, 2012


Hey everyone! :)
Dang I'm still sick haha, okay anyways! Yesterday I went to watch a movie with a friend of mine, his "Movie bro" recently got a girlfriend and yesterday was her birthday so he couldn't go, therefore my friend asked me to go with him. Okay so we went there and he paid for me, I really don't like the feeling of that.. But in some way I'll find a way to pay him back! >:D Anyways, we went there and he had told me a little about the movie... some guy who eats bad peoples souls or something.. I didn't pay much attention at that point but it was pretty good. It turns out it was a 3D movie, which just made it even better :) 
The movie was called Ghostrider and it's like.. a pretty guy'ish movie, there was lik and then one other girl.. the rest in there were guys. I can recomment it though and I really think you people should go watch it :D

This is a picture of my awesome 3D glasses and a tissue my friend gave me for some strange reason o___O

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