March 9, 2012

A "Suiting" Gift

Today is my friends' birthday so I decided to find him a little something. I bought some chocolate and figured... Isn't this a little too average for that friend of mine? The answer is YES, I mean seriously... every day in school he's wearing a suit and a hat. So YES, my creative mood took over and told me to make his chocolate everything but average (Not like a real voice or something, I ain't THAT crazy :P). That round gold thingie is supposed to be a watch since he got one of those too.

On that watch I wrote "Open" and inside I "engraved" a small greeting. 
The most awesome thing was that he made a cake for his class... WITH A SUIT ON! And guess the colour? It was blue! Perfectly matching my gift :D
And yes your eyes ain't tricking you, there's a moustache on that letter, AND is has a hat :P

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