March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games - Pics! :P

I'm sorry that I didn't get to write more yesterday.. I came home a bit later than expected =___=
Anyways, I also made a mistake in my last post, it wasn't just the preview that I went to, it was the world premiere :D

Guys, meet my friend Maria.

Okay so yeah I went to Maria's house and did her nails. She found me THIS tutorial and asked me to do her nails like that. I was DAMN hard but I think the result turned out pretty well thinking of that I didn't have half of the real colours or tools.
After finishing these she had a minor freak out. Only an hour back... 

We went there and pick up our other friend Maria

In the middle of everything there was a huge table with popcorns just for those of us who were going to watch The Hunger Games. Behind that table there were 2 more filled with different kinds of soda, and when we entered we could pick some bags of candy too. 
I think that was all, for those of you who are going to or thinking of watching this movie.. HAVE FUN! :D It was a nice movie and it had some touching moments once in a while. Also.. you might get a shock at some point >:)

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