March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games - Watermelon nails

Yoooo! :D Today's been a great day so far! I had off early from school and just came home. In an hour or so I'll take the bus and then go to my friend Maria's house. She asked me to do her nails because tonight.. We're going to the preview of The Hunger Games with our other friend Maria :D
If you want to go see it too I suggest you to watch the trailer which can be found right here: Click me click me!! :]

Let's see what more.. OH YES! Yesterday I finally got to finish my nails...
Watermelons! <3 Perfect for summer :D Now speaking of summer.. today (as you can see) the sun has been shining all day .. I really can't wait for summer! 

I'll get back later tonight, but now I have to go get ready . . okay see yah! :D

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