March 12, 2012

My First Prom - And my moms surprise for me

This Friday I was at my first prom ever at my new school and it was awesome! At first I went out with my family and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, my friend joined me (The girl to the left). After that we went to my school. We had to do some pretty old-fashioned dance called Les Lanchiers and after that we were free to do pretty much whatever we wanted. As a 10th grader I'd have to wear a short black dress (as you can see on the pic). Here I'm standing with some of my best friends from my old and new class :)
My parents wore formal clothes too but of course my dad had to be a little different as always. He went to the prom in a nice purple suit with THESE socks o__O
Enough with the prom! Today when I came home from school my mom told me she had a small surprise for me and that she placed it on my floor. When I came in I found this, a small Easter Egg, isn't she just lovely?

That was all for now I think. Have a nice day and come back later for new posts :D

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