March 26, 2012

Drawing, sketching, call it what you want xD

Hi world! How are you? - I'm pretty busy here :) More and more of my friends have started asking me to draw for them. And Aaaawh, a friend of mine asked me to draw him and his gf as a surprise gift for her, that's just so cuuute <3
I was really proud of this one, I think I colored it very well but my scanner keeps messing up =____=

This is my most recent drawing for my friend Rei, later today I'll finish the next one :) 
EDIT: Since I wasn't able to view the pic today, I had to upload it from my camera, therefore the bad quality.

Today I went on a trip with my class and came home around half an hour ago. I've got loads to do and talk about later but right now I'll have to go eat, cya later :D 

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