April 5, 2012

Easter Break - Motorcycle event

I'm currently on my Easter Break and enjoying life <3 ANYWAYS! You guys need updates!
So today I went to this event, which is only once a year, with my family. It's the day stating that the motorcycle season has just begun and people celebrate it by driving to like.. the central of my city and show off their motorcycles. It's a great even and this year there were more than 3000 motorcycles and don't forget all of us who just went there to watch. All day people have been gathering up to make sure to be able to see the motorcycles when they drive by, here they're sitting on a roundabout :P

Of course I saw manymanyMANY of them and we took a lot of pictures too but I just found my favorite ones to show you:

Okay this one was like screaming for attention! The driver was a woman in her 40's I think and she wore this pink helmet, long pink matching nails and a black biker-outfit which said "Pink Lady Bitch" on it's back.
A picture says more than thousand words..
This one is pretty cool, it reminds me of those little Italian scooters I see every summer when going there.
This one .. I just like it, it reminds me of some futuristic stuff :P

BUT my absolute favorite was this one, a Kawasaki Ninja  and yes mostly because of the name but I think the model is pretty cool too :) Also, there were a small group of young men behind me and every time they saw one of these they were like: "NINJA!!" and slapped the other guys o___O It was very entertaining though..

[more pictures comming]
[videoclips comming]

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