April 30, 2012


Today in drama class we were working on our exams projects in groups. I'm with 3 other girls named Julie, Maria and Susanne, but since Maria is in Greece right now we weren't able to practice much. Susanne
(this girl)
asked me what I was going to do after school and I was like "Aahm.. I don't know, assignments I think" and she was like "Aawh.. wouldn't you join me downtown? I need some new glasses" "Dang it! I've got no money.. and I promised myself that the next time I went downtown I'd buy Chinese" "Well .. so you wanna?" After that I was like NJEH! So we just continued practicing individually. I was laying on the table with my tummy facing up and she was using the chalk, then she thought; Why not draw on Lucy?! So she attacked my legs.. at first she wrote YES! on one of them, when I commented on it she drew a sun and a rainy cloud too, then she asked me to turn around and of course I thought she'd just make more weather likey'ish stuff but nooooo...  she drew THIS!

I grabbed the chalk but after chasing her around for a few minutes I gave up but later tricked her to touch her own shirt (which was black) with her chalky hands! >:] MWHAHAHAH!!!

Well, I ended up joining her little trip downtown since she bribed me witt Chinese food..

Later on we had an ice too :)

 It was fun actually... all of it, except the fact that EVERYBODY stared at me because of her "art" on my pants and while in the bank there was this man who was all like "Soooo.. I'm supposed to grab your butt?" Heck.. that was awkward.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SUSANNE!

----------------- Also, I felt like some magnet today. At first there was this 3-4 years old girl at my school who just walked over to Susanne and I and stared at us for minutes, then while on our way downtown there was this dog that too.. then while eating Chinese a pigeon came up to us and Sus almost freaked out caus she's afraid of birds (Meheh.. I liked that), when I came home and was on my way to watch my little sister play soccer I was attacked of bugs AND as I was standing there watching, several footballs very trying to hit me too =____= 

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