April 24, 2012

How to get flawless skin - 10 Steps

Let me start out with; I'm sorry guys! I'll make you something later on! :O Now let's get started..
1) From the beginning:
Nighttime is the most important time to hydrate because it's your healing period — Skin is able to absorb more moisture at night. Splash your face with water in the mornings and apply a moisturizer. In the evenings, use your cleanser and toner, then follow-up with a healthy dose of moisturizer on your face, neck, and upper chest. If you're afraid of fine lines or dullness, use incorporating creams that contain vitamins A and C, which will help soothe skin and promote cell turnover. Some recommended ones would be; Environ Evenescence C-Boost and Ionzyme C-Quence.

2) Going out? try this;
Grab a piece of cotton gauze and dampen it with toner or mineral water, press it to the skin, lightly pulling it taut, then quickly release. This should happen in a vigorous motion, focusing on the forehead, eyes and nasal folds. Some call it the sponge technique because you are expanding the skin when you press, so that when you release, your pores absorb the moisture and create a temporarily plumped effect.

3) Ditch your makeup remover;
Keep your skin care simple skipping the makeup remover and use a cleanser (can be found in Bodyshop) instead that does double-duty. Fresh Soy Cleanser would be a good idea because it gets off even the toughest makeup, without taking away your skins' natural oils. 

4) A banana a day keeps the dry skin away;
Bananas keep your skin glowing! Since they're full of kalium and magnesium, they help regulate your digestive system, which will make your skin glow. In addition to eating them as a daily snack, they can be used to make an at-home treatment: Mash up a banana and add some flax seed oil and ground oatmeal to make a paste. Put it on your skin and let dry, then tissue it off to reveal hydrated, calm, and nourished skin. 

5) Don't use too many scrubs;
It results in tons of broken capillaries. If you just use a cleanser and washcloth to wash your face every night, that's enough exfoliation.

6) Pumpkins!;
When pimples pop up, you could use Protective Nourishment's Pumpkin Peel to treat them. The pumpkin in the mask reacts to your skin's natural enzymes to help dissolve blemishes, instead of drying them out. Dab it on pimples as an overnight spot treatment.

7) Do it yourself;
Skip the pricy tinted moisturizers and make your own instead. Combine a few drops of an oil-based foundation with a moisturizer to create a custom-blended tinted moisturizer. Babor Age Conceal Foundation and Nude Moisture Balance would be an idea. Since the foundation has an oil base, it will keep skin dewy and hide imperfections. Skin looks unhealthy with a powder finish. Dewy always looks younger and more healthy.

8) Open your eyes;
Do you have puffy eyes? I'd recommend putting a cold (wet'ish) tea bag on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Tea draws the water out and reduces puff. You can also put cucumber slices on your eyes — they have de-puffing features and will create a temporary lightening effect. Sadly there is no real cure for dark circles. Your eye area is the thinnest part of your facial skin, and the darkness is caused by veins. It's something you are born with and can't do anything about. You can make sure it doesn't get any worse by getting enough sleep and finding time to relax every day.

9) Dry skin?;

If dry, irritated skin has given you a flaky, flared-up look (like this), use Bag Balm to help get rid of redness. It's perfect for your nose, feet, eyelids — Any dry spots or even eczema. It has lanolin in it, so it protects your skin from oxygenation and helps it heal.

10) Don't forget your lips, they're important too!;
When your lips flake and get more dry, it creates a kind of callus on your lip and nothing will be able to penetrate the skin to heal it. Keep your lips healthy with a DIY lip exfoliator — Combine coconut oil or Vaseline with a scoop of sugar and rub it on your lips. Sugar is a natural moisture-retaining mean and will help keep moisture within the skin long after you wipe it off. If your lips already started cracking, simply add a drop of honey to the cracks to help heal and soothe.

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