April 11, 2012

Most awesome spoon ever!!!

Aaaah... No breaks lasts forever :/ Yesterday I went back to school after having a great Easter Break! :) During my lunch break I went down the cafeteria to meet up with my friends as usual. Some of them came and we started talking, one of them had just got a boyfriend so of course we freaked out and started asking ALL kind of stuff about him, we were waiting for her answers when my friend Mette came running and hugged me from behind, then she was like "Lulu LULU! Look what we've got!" as my friend Susanne came walking with the most awesome spoon I have ever seen! It was . . . A LIGHTSABER! I freaked out and jumped around like a little kid and she decided to give it to me! Day. Made! I told her I'd make a post about her, so there you are Sus, Thank youuuuuuuu for the spoon! I love it!!! :D

Le me and my lovely spoon! :OOO

Random fact: One beaver can cut up to 216 trees a year! :O
Btw: Here's a song! :P Cobra Starship ft. Mac Miller - Middle finger

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  1. Oh god! I'm so honored. You wrote a post about me and my (Or now: your) spoon! Sweet and crazy Louie...