April 7, 2012

My family from Randers, Part I

Today I woke up by my dad throwing stuff at me =____= and as you see I just LOVE waking up like that..
 If eyes could kill . . .

But yeah, today we were going to some "Easter Breakfast/Brunch" with my family from Randers, I have never really talked to them and this was only the second time I've ever met them o__O But yeah, we were all in all 16 persons; my own family, my grandparents, my grandcousin, my grandgrandcousin and her husband and their kids, my grandgrandgrandcousins. 
This was the "Easter table".. my bro preparing and my grandma in the background.
 Oh and this was my plate, jealous? Yeah, you should be! >:D

Kay, so after that we went to this small tourist city named "Blåvand" to go shopping.. This is my mom in the back and my grandgrandcousin Annemette :) It's been raining all day and it was super windy but heck no that could stop us from going there!
My bro (the middle) and my grandgrandgrandcousins Phillip and Mads-Emil.
AND of course one of the girls; me, my grandgrandgrandcousin Emma and my sister Emma o___O
We're like sooooo sexy! (NOT)

K, time for me to sleep . . . I'll be back tomorrow with more pics, see you until then and.. goodnight! :P

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