April 7, 2012

My family from Randers, Part II

Today my family went back home to Randers, they were supposed to stay over the night but my grandcousin Connie had an accident or something.. she got some kind of sickness that makes her bones weak and apparently something happened to her knee so she couldn't stand nor walk.

Anyways, I didn't get to take many pics today, only two
First, this was when we were eating. Today my grandcousin Preben and his girlfriend Margit joined us too. (White haired guy and a woman in a yellow'ish shirt)
And yeah, Easter brunch once again caus' we're fat like that!
And this was taken uhm.. 2 hours ago? when they left o:

Emma hugging Emma before the final "goodbye" for now, next time we'll see them will be at my dad's birthday party in May :)

AH and .. Well .. since this post was kinda boring and there were really few pics I thought I'd share something else..MY MOM ZOMBIE'ING AROUND THE HOUSE!! D:

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