April 12, 2012

My strange bad luck today..

Have you ever tried waking up and going to school like usual, but not your current school, your old school. Then you wake up.. And suddently in the middle of a horror movie, in your current school! After having a horrifying time with your friends, you finally wake up! You wake up in your room and its day, its weekend.. you're just about to get out of bed when you wake up. You're awake now but it's dark and you're laying in your bed, you feel so fresh and didn't even sleep yet, you look at the time and it's 5am, you have to get up in one hour! You're quickly trying to fall asleep BUT. . . then you wake up again, you've had one of the best nights of sleep but you're really tired, you look at the time on your phone and it says 7.66am . . . something's strange right? and FINALLY you wake up by your moms voice and you feel BOMBED! :O 

´Seriously, I have NEVER had such a strange dream, it was like 5 dreams in one.. DREAMCEPTION! and that says alot since my dreams are usually pretty screwed up o__O When I woke up I had NO idea where I was, what time it was, if I was still dreaming and what the heck I was still doing in my bed =___=
The "strange bad luck" continued when I reach my school. There were few people in the bus on my way there and when I entered the classroom there was no one but a jacket . . . I remembered my friend had told me that  her first class was cancelled, so I turned of my laptop to check, no. School started at 8am, strange right? Well finally the others came, but only half my group (we were supposed to work in groups all day) was there, which was me and a girl named Camilla -.- One of the other girls were sick and the last one probably missed the bus SO we (I did) decided to leave her a note telling where we were:

Hello dear <3
We're at the library planning how to conquer Earth, we request your presence, COME FAST!!!
This note will self destruct and You will be eaten by a zombie in 3, 2... 1

Like waking up 5 times and think your class was cancelled and you were now going to be forever alone wasn't enough... when the last girl came we went to the library at my school to use the computers but my friend's didn't work so she asked me to try since I, according to her, got a "magic touch"... well most stuff randomly work when I touch it so why not give it a try? then -ZAP- the computer electrocuted me =___=
BUT when class was over my friend Maria called me, she wanted to meet me in the cafeteria. I went down there and sat down waiting, when she came she had brought me a chocolate muffin <3 Day saved!

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