April 13, 2012

OHMYGOSH!! Friday the 13th!

As you all know today is Friday the 13th. But you might didn't know that today is a date considered to be bad luck in Western superstition, and maybe it's true? Today the North Korean satellite launch attempt failed, but nothing bad happened to me though.. YET! Honestly I'm not sure if I believe in that today should be like filled with bad luck, but it's pretty much a tradition here so... why not :P ?

If you're a superstitious person you better watch out for black cats and have your salt ready, and for the rest of you people out there; Enjoy your Friday and take care :D

One of the things I like on this date is that there are always loads of (superstitious)movies.. and scary ones but sadly I won't be here to watch them tonight, I'm going out with some friends and hopefully nothing bad will happen to me :OO

Take care today and erhm.. GOOD LUCK!

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