April 27, 2012

Update before the weekend: Where have I been?

Sup people?! :P
Yeap.. I've been busy again. Dang I start to sound like some business woman! Haaah.. I don't even have a job. Anyways.. where was I?.. OH! Yes! I've been a little busy with school, had a lot of homework and some assignments I had to finish. BUT, now it's over for now. A few days and I'll be back on track -.- So yeah, as you see I haven't had much time to blog :/ Well, to update you guys!

I erh.. got a top comment at some Youtube video, not that it's anything special, but I like the reaction people had of it :P Oh and also they left some of the most epic responses to it

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, now this won't happen often as I hate shopping. It's like I can never find anything I like and then I'm just wasting time :/ I found some nice shorts but they were too long and they didn't really fit me at all, buuuuuut I found these nice jeans in H&M :D

I had (as far as I remember) my first strawberries this year :P These are Spanish and super sweet, yum! 
Also, yesterday on Facebook I saw that one of my friends had uploaded this photo:

I first I was about to die of laughter then I realized that this is exactly what my friends and I do. Today at school our English teacher told us to make small groups and I did this look to my friend but some other girl came in the way and saw my creepy stare.. Hahahah it was sooo awkward, but she's kind of a weirdo too so she just made an even worse grimace.
What else.. AH!
A dear friend of mine from Malaysia sent me this nice little letter/packet thingie :D
I like how they use bananas on their letters, here we just use old ugly photos of dead important people...
So this is what was in it; A keychain from Singapore, some earrings (some weeks earlier I had been complaining about not being able to find any star-shaped earrings so these freaked me out), some really cute drawings and this Malaysian piece of newspaper written in Chinese :) Once again, thank you so much           

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