April 18, 2012

Wooooh Optical Illusions!

Today I was on 9gag and found this picture :P I was like hmmmm.. I knew these. SO I quickly found some other ones you should try out if you`re bored.
Try looking that these few pictures and see what happens ;)Look at the center for 15 s, it will disappear!
Keep your eyes at the center of this one and stare for around 15 sec. For me it works faster though

Also I found this video of a dragon, now that creeps me out...
This one.. I can`t even.. GRRR
Rotating wheel? 

How about this one :)? What colour is are the dots?
This is meant to be some kind of street art in Paris :O Cool huh?

And lastly! I saw this years back and I still think its pretty cool. If you`re one of those ``innocent`` people you should definitely try this out >:D
What do you see? 
A young child would see 9 dolphins, while the rest of us see.. yea you know what Im talking about, but try to find them, it aint as easy as you think :D

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