May 30, 2012

Congratulations Emma and Frederik - End of AT3

Today I ended my AT3 - AT is like some kind of project we've been working on in school and this was the last thing I had to do this year. Even though I officially ended school last Wednesday I still had to go to school Friday, yesterday, and today. Now I finished my 3rd AT and I AM FREE! Weeeeee!! :P
Next thing to do is passing those "end of the year" tests. They go like this:
June 5th - Danish (writing)
June 7th - English (writing)
June 10th - (The day I will pick a card telling me what to talk about the next day).
June 11th - Spanish (talking)
June 24th - (The day I will pick a card telling me what to talk about the next day).
June 25th - History (talking)
----------------------------- Let's do this!

I finished my AT early today while my friends still had a long way to go. I told them I thought of going home since I had nothing to do now... the girl in the space shirt (Mette) didn't want that. What did she do? She tied me to a chair using the charger from her computer. Yeah yeah.. Like that would stop me. After a few minutes I was free again, I was about to run when she caught me again. This time she tied my hands together. Did it work? NO! Mwhahahah. Then she tried again, she tied me to the chair with my arms separated - The expression in har face was priceless when I, after a minute or so, was free again :P Hahaha. Then she asked me how I got out to which I replied: "Mette dear, I'm a ninja". She called me a worthy opponent and is now all convinced that people will never be able to kidnap me.
I took this picture while my hands were still tied together, the white thing is from my earphones.

Even though I was free I waited a couple of hours for them. On my way home I was listening to music. As I looked up I found myself in the middle of these beautiful strange flowers.

I had to bring one home - Strange AND purple? The perfect flower for me :P They are called "Lupines" in case you wanted to google them - they come in MANY different colours.

Like my food? Today is my younger twin-siblings' birthday so we ate out. Before that we went to the Stadium to hear them and 2300 other kids sing - There was also a professional band there to help them. It was really nice and I got to record some of it but it was SO cold, I was shaking all the time. We had to stay there for 1½ hour..
It was in the news: if you want to see, click HERE.
Personally I think my own recordings were better :P
[Edit] I tried uploading them on here but it didn't work, so for now you guys have to stick to the TV stuff.
Anyways.. the food! We ate at some Chinese restaurant and this is a picture of my food (I had other stuff too but this is just a part of it). Today I tried sushi for the first time - It... wasn't as I expected. I don't really like it, I felt like I was ... I don't even know how to explain. It tasted like the sea. The noodles were great and the chicken too (not in the pic). There were so many fruits and different kinds of meat - It was super yummy. Those green ones beside the sushi were little pieces of bread with a hint of garlic.

Beside our table there was this huge aquarium. I spent a lot of time watching the fish. The red one there was really cute but of course it just HAD to look like a retard when I took that pic. During our meal it swam around doing all kinds of stunts - Cutiiiie <3

And now a quick quote I thought of this morning when I took this picture~ "Even though your life seem though, you must always remember this; Take chances in life, let them see you glow... because after the rain comes a rainbow."

May 29, 2012

Eeeeeeverything that goes through my mind! :P

Do you know these days where you feel like killing somebody, roast them over a bonfire and add a little bit of ketchup? Naaah okay that might be to over'do it a little - But today sucked! It really did! GRAAARRR... Anyways.. Focus on the positive -deep breath- Sigh.. Instead of reminding myself of today I will tell you guys what I've been doing the past few days since I've been too busy to blog :)
YOU ARE NOW ON A TIME TRAVEL!! Let's start with yesterday..
Yesterday was my dad's birthday (go dad!) so my grandparents came over. My grandparents brought me to the beach to have an ice..

Yum! With chocolate and  caramel ice <3
After that we went home. We ate outside and after that my dad and grandpa thought they should have a nap on my garden trampoline - NOT! I put my lovely bunny Snoowey on it and told him to attack >:]

Watch that evil glare, mwhahahahah!!

At first he went to my dad.. As you can see my dad was a little afraid of him.
Then he saw my grandpa and went to attack! While my dad was trying to flee, Snoowey jumped on my grandpa and sat there. I love how my grandpa is like "What the?! Get that thing away from me!! D:" and Snoowey is all like "What? Me? I didn't do anything?"

Let's go back in time, shall we?
My friend Emily was here during weekend. Emily and I were in the kitchen during my dads birthday party, which was held Saturday, we took care of the food and serving. It was fun and people kept telling us how nice it was with that extra help and all ^^ The contact lenses are Emily's. She is going to wear them soon at some event I will tell you about later~
This was the kitchen we were working in :P

Then back to yesterday! I found this bag filled with make-up in my room. Maybe it's time for some make-up tutorials soon?
 In the evenings I've been at the beach with my friends - What a beautiful sunlight <3
 That was all for today (I think) See you soon :D

May 28, 2012

Daddy's birthday - School is over!

Bad Lucy BAD!! Haven't been posting for a week now - Shame on me! My "study-break-thingie" started Wednesday which means that I won't have to go to school.. But I do. We are finishing with this sort of project called AT (Don't ask.. I've got no idea what I'm doing these days) which I have to finish. Today I have off but I'm going back tomorrow. Wednesday I will finish. I don't have any exams this year but I do have some uhm.. "end-of-the-year" tests in Danish, English, Spanish and History.. (Yay =___=)

Anyways.. Today is my dad's 50 years birthday - Happy birthday dad <3 - The weather is great, and in my country we say that you have been good if the sun is shining on your birthday, and he truly has. You would never be able to find a better dad than mine 

In around an hour my grandparents will come here and then we will go to Stryhns, which is one of the best places to buy ice cream (in my city) - Yum!

A lot of thoughts have been going through my mind these days - these include a lot of ideas that I might share with you later. 
Also I want to end this post with a shoutout to my friend Pedro.
He got ran over by a car and is now in the hospital waiting for his operation. The doctor says he's strong but he's still not out of danger. I promised him that I'd talk to him every day through Facebook and all we can do now is hope :/ You probably won't see this Pedro but I'm crossing my fingers for you - Get better soon! I know you can 

May 21, 2012

Summer on its way :D

It's getting warmer <3 And no, I'm not talking about global warming, I'm talking about the weather! :D

This weekend I had a sleepover with Emily at my place. There we were - playing computer games when she suddenly goes: "Shall we go buy some candy :3?" And I was like: "o.O ..... SURE!" And then we got outside.. man it was hot! We had walked.. maybe 20m when it hit me; Why don't we go buy some icecream? 

And so we did! We grabbed our bikes - We were on our way! Just one problem.. How the heck do we get there? None of us knew where to go, only the direction.. But we tried! And we got there! We couldn't find that one special icecream shop but we were lazy.. and it was hot outside. We went to another shop-thingie nearby to get some ice and then we walked down the beach to enjoy it <3

Mhhhhhhm, I love that girl <3 

Going to SVS Con! (Part II)


So as promised I'd continue my telling.. but now I forgot where I got to -.-...
Erh.. Well people loved me <3 Hahhaa and that girl who came up to me was all like "Oooh you're my favorite cosplayer!!" It was kinda awkward since I wasn't a part of the show and this was my first year.. heck no I knew how to cosplay o.O
I promised to show some pics so.. let's have a look! :D
(Since I know NOTHING when it comes to anime/manga I can't tell you the names of the characters.. you have to guess yourself).

We found these two girls in front who happened to be friends and then just as we were about to take a picture we found the grey girl behind us. My friend told me that she was form the same anime so of course she had to be there too :P
 Now at least I know Luigi here, but I'm not sure about the girl o.O
Hahahah I loved these guys! Here we got Courage the Cowardly dog and his owners Muriel and Eustace.
 Here we got the crew from Disney's Tangled. They were also a part of the cosplay show and they did pretty good :) Unfortunately they didn't win any of the prizes :/
This guy was my hero! I mean.. his outfit! GAAH!! <3 It was soooo cool, and there were little blue flashlights... Favorite costume!
The girl in pink.. She was ADORABLE <3 aaawh, I loved her dress, it was super cute and she had such a childish voice, it matched perfectly with the look. The one to the left was pretty cool too, I don't know which character she dressed up as but it was really nice :D

Some.. zombie Hatsune Miku? And.. I got no idea what the other girl is actually :o
Some guy from Naruto and look! There's Waldo! :D

This post is getting way too long.. and I'm tired of waiting for my SUPER SLOW Paint -.- 

May 18, 2012

Going to SVS Con! (Part I)

 FINALLY! Time to make my post about SVS Con 2012 that I went to last weekend! :D
I went with my friend Lana (to the right) and her friend Juliana (I think hat's how it's spelled..)
To clear it out; SVS Con is a yearly conference. It's mainly for people who are interested in the Japanese pop-culture. At the con there are 4 things; Anime, manga, gaming and cosplay.

Okay so my dad drove us there (It wasn't in my hometown, the con was in a city called Herning), and we met up with some girl named Marianne who is a friend of Lana. We were going to sleep at her place.
We arrived at her place around 4pm Friday. We threw our bags and went to the Con, only Marianne was wearing a costume. IT.. WAS... AWESOME! There were maaaany people and some had to sleep at the Con so the whole place was like.. filled with people and their bags xD Chaos!

We went back to her place around midnight and got some rest, we had A LOT to do tomorrow.
Saturday we woke up "early", ate some bread for breakfast and put on some make-up so that we wouldn't look sick..
And by sick looking I mean THIS!
Yeap this is me.. Sick-looking. Here we were on our way to pick up Lana and her friend.

At the Con there was A LOT of stuff, there was a place that you could draw and show off your drawing skills. My friend Lana is a PRO drawer so OF COURSE I needed a pic..

Oooh my gosh.. she HAS to be some kind of professional when she gets older..
Also Marianne found MY drawing super cute.. It wasn't. It was just a chibi and NOTHING compared to Lana's stuff o:

There was also this whole thing about hugging. EVERYBODY were just so friendly and loving and everywhere you could see people hugging others. 
But because some people went crazy and got hurt (Not here, in America) they made a rule; to be hugged you must have a sign! Sooo... I drew a sign..
Then I walked around and used my puppy eyes on people.. they couldn't resist MWHAHAHA
But this was just a prank, when they then hugged the paper you would see the backside.. I couldn't turn the pic, but here is what I wrote...
Lame yes.. but it DID work >:]
I got a lot of pics of different people in different costumes (I will post those Monday :D) + a lot of other pics :P
But yes.. if you didn't have a sign, people had to ask you first if they wanted to hug you.. "Yeah sure, maybe there'll be like 5 of those" HECK NO. I got like (And no his is not self-praising) many hugs.. okay many.. I got maybe around 100.. well if you think of it that's actually a lot. Every time you looked around you'd see someone taking a picture or getting a picture taken..
And yes.. I came there dressed as a sim (I'll show you guys Monday) and .. Well I got many comments on my outfit. They called me original, creative, cute, super kawaii and much much more <3 I felt so loved :3 hahaha okay and... OH YES! There was this girl. I was standing somewhere with my friends.. I was looking at a dress and suddenly this random girl came up to me and asked for a picture.. and a hug. and afer that she freaked out! She was like; "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!! You're a sim!! Oh my gosh, you're a genius! I love your dress! You're so kawaii blablabla ¤"#$£*!!!" I mean in the end she just... I don't know.. I can't believe when people praise me > <

I got to go now, my friend (BEST FRIEND!) Emily (<3 <3 <3) is here and we're having a sleepover.. now we're going to play Sims soooo... I'll be back Monday with pictures of people we saw there, our own costumes, pictures from the place, pictures of what I bought and much much more :D Therefore.. I shall leave!! See you next time ;)

May 17, 2012

First post using my phone!!

Hi guys! This is my first post using my new phone so it won't be long. (I find it SUPER hard to hit the letters). Anyways!! I wanted show you guys something I recieved a few days ago :)
 Aaawh aren't they cute? <3

May 11, 2012


Yeah.. Smart as I was, I thought I could update my blog from my new.. oh that's right. I didn't tell you  people! I got a new phone! :D:)
Yeap, this is my new and beloved Samsung Galaxy SII <3 - The pink one is my old Samsung S5230 that I got back in 2009 :)
Yaaaaaay ^^
Some days ago my mom freaked out when I came home. She was like: "Lucy LUCY!!!! I bought JAPANESE FOOD!!! :D... and Indian!!" And yeah.. she cooked both of it and I gotta say it was pretty yummy :]
Teriyaki <3

The yummy Indian food that I forgot the name of.. 

Also, today while in school my mom texted me. I had got a package- What could it be?
Hmmmmmm... Just a dearly friend sending me yet a gift <3 Thank you so much, you already know how glad I am ♥ My friend knows how much into earrings I am and that I had just lost some of my favorite earrings some days ago.. plus that I had got my new phone and that I didn't have a cover yet...

AND! The last thing that I want to show you guys before my next post IS.... BAMBAMBAAAAM!!! 
This weekend I went to some conference with a friend, apparently ALOT of people there dress up and I was like... "I should dress up too. I don't want to look boring.. but I shouldn't overdo it" Then the thought hit me.. A SIM! Everybody there were going to be some kind of cosplay'ish'stuff'people'things and since I don't really read, I don't watch anime ooooor.. actually I got nothing to do with any of it. I was pretty much out of ideas and since I had to make the costume myself it had to be uhh.. "simple".
SO! Yes, I made a diamond xD

I'll put up pics of it tomorrow and tell about it xD Stay tuned!

May 7, 2012

Just my day~

He grabbed my bag and walked away. Monika was about to leave and I had to follow her. He didn't give it back to me during English class. There I was, with all of my books on my table - my phone, my camera, and my FOOD was in that bag. He was gone. . . This morning I didn't have my breakfast and I was starving! :O I had to get it back! I walked over to him with my friend Maria and asked where it was.. all he did was a handsign that meant Choco (The creepy guy), so we went over to him and asked if he had my bag. He said no. I went back to the table with the other girls, but I was so hungry. Mette gave me a small piece of bread with some strange stuff on it and after that we went to find that guy  again. Maria yelled "there he is!", but as we sneaked up to him.. I don't know how, but he found out! And he ran . . . RAN as fast as he could. He ran outside, passed the juniors.. He ran for his life and he was screaming, he screamed as loud as he could as I was getting nearer and nearer. "HELP, HELP! RAPE! RAAPE!!", but that didn't stop me! He ran around half the school like that with me right after.. People were staring -.- And cheering for him PFFF!!! When we got back inside there were too many people, he got away =__= Later I found him again with the help of Maria. I asked him where the bag was and his "crib" couldn't help but laugh. It turned out my bag had been under the creepy guy's table ALL the time! D:<
Yes.. I spend my whole lunch-break hunting him, but it was worth it! Now pretty much every guy on the school  will know that they should NOT mess with me, and especially not STEAL MY FOOD!! D:<

Some other stuff that happened today..

  • As I went outside to catch that guy, he pushed me into a group of other guys and was like: "GANGBANG!" and I was like "Yeeeah right, I'm not afraid of you guys" (Tough girl ftw!). Well that's not it! Just as I was about to run after that guy, one of the other guys in the group was like "Hey Lucy, are you a model or something?" And I was like "aaawh.. I feel pretty now <3"
  • Right after drama class Maria, Julie, Susanne and I were standing outside the classroom talking. Maria was like: "Hey Lucy did you lose weight?" And I was like: "No, why?" Then she said: "Oh because you just look so pretty and thin skinny right now". Now usually when people talk about my weight they go like: "You should gain some weight. Eat some more! You're too skinny!" Yeah you "normal" people might not know but hearing this all the time hurt us skinny people just as much as we hurt you when we call you fat or chubby. REMEMBER THAT! next time you talk to a skinny person. And THANK YOU Maria! <3 It made me really happy to hear that actually, even though I didn't show it <3   
  • In history class today I got bored and I've got no idea how.. but suddenly the girl beside me (Camilla) mentioned the thing "bacon-snail". LET'S DRAW THAT! I said and found my pencil!

Ladies and gentlemen.. Meet Herpderp the Baconsnail!
 And this is my sabel-toothed bacon-snail. It doesn't have a name yet since both Camilla and I burst into laughter right after I finished the "face"