May 30, 2012

Congratulations Emma and Frederik - End of AT3

Today I ended my AT3 - AT is like some kind of project we've been working on in school and this was the last thing I had to do this year. Even though I officially ended school last Wednesday I still had to go to school Friday, yesterday, and today. Now I finished my 3rd AT and I AM FREE! Weeeeee!! :P
Next thing to do is passing those "end of the year" tests. They go like this:
June 5th - Danish (writing)
June 7th - English (writing)
June 10th - (The day I will pick a card telling me what to talk about the next day).
June 11th - Spanish (talking)
June 24th - (The day I will pick a card telling me what to talk about the next day).
June 25th - History (talking)
----------------------------- Let's do this!

I finished my AT early today while my friends still had a long way to go. I told them I thought of going home since I had nothing to do now... the girl in the space shirt (Mette) didn't want that. What did she do? She tied me to a chair using the charger from her computer. Yeah yeah.. Like that would stop me. After a few minutes I was free again, I was about to run when she caught me again. This time she tied my hands together. Did it work? NO! Mwhahahah. Then she tried again, she tied me to the chair with my arms separated - The expression in har face was priceless when I, after a minute or so, was free again :P Hahaha. Then she asked me how I got out to which I replied: "Mette dear, I'm a ninja". She called me a worthy opponent and is now all convinced that people will never be able to kidnap me.
I took this picture while my hands were still tied together, the white thing is from my earphones.

Even though I was free I waited a couple of hours for them. On my way home I was listening to music. As I looked up I found myself in the middle of these beautiful strange flowers.

I had to bring one home - Strange AND purple? The perfect flower for me :P They are called "Lupines" in case you wanted to google them - they come in MANY different colours.

Like my food? Today is my younger twin-siblings' birthday so we ate out. Before that we went to the Stadium to hear them and 2300 other kids sing - There was also a professional band there to help them. It was really nice and I got to record some of it but it was SO cold, I was shaking all the time. We had to stay there for 1½ hour..
It was in the news: if you want to see, click HERE.
Personally I think my own recordings were better :P
[Edit] I tried uploading them on here but it didn't work, so for now you guys have to stick to the TV stuff.
Anyways.. the food! We ate at some Chinese restaurant and this is a picture of my food (I had other stuff too but this is just a part of it). Today I tried sushi for the first time - It... wasn't as I expected. I don't really like it, I felt like I was ... I don't even know how to explain. It tasted like the sea. The noodles were great and the chicken too (not in the pic). There were so many fruits and different kinds of meat - It was super yummy. Those green ones beside the sushi were little pieces of bread with a hint of garlic.

Beside our table there was this huge aquarium. I spent a lot of time watching the fish. The red one there was really cute but of course it just HAD to look like a retard when I took that pic. During our meal it swam around doing all kinds of stunts - Cutiiiie <3

And now a quick quote I thought of this morning when I took this picture~ "Even though your life seem though, you must always remember this; Take chances in life, let them see you glow... because after the rain comes a rainbow."

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