May 28, 2012

Daddy's birthday - School is over!

Bad Lucy BAD!! Haven't been posting for a week now - Shame on me! My "study-break-thingie" started Wednesday which means that I won't have to go to school.. But I do. We are finishing with this sort of project called AT (Don't ask.. I've got no idea what I'm doing these days) which I have to finish. Today I have off but I'm going back tomorrow. Wednesday I will finish. I don't have any exams this year but I do have some uhm.. "end-of-the-year" tests in Danish, English, Spanish and History.. (Yay =___=)

Anyways.. Today is my dad's 50 years birthday - Happy birthday dad <3 - The weather is great, and in my country we say that you have been good if the sun is shining on your birthday, and he truly has. You would never be able to find a better dad than mine 

In around an hour my grandparents will come here and then we will go to Stryhns, which is one of the best places to buy ice cream (in my city) - Yum!

A lot of thoughts have been going through my mind these days - these include a lot of ideas that I might share with you later. 
Also I want to end this post with a shoutout to my friend Pedro.
He got ran over by a car and is now in the hospital waiting for his operation. The doctor says he's strong but he's still not out of danger. I promised him that I'd talk to him every day through Facebook and all we can do now is hope :/ You probably won't see this Pedro but I'm crossing my fingers for you - Get better soon! I know you can 

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