May 29, 2012

Eeeeeeverything that goes through my mind! :P

Do you know these days where you feel like killing somebody, roast them over a bonfire and add a little bit of ketchup? Naaah okay that might be to over'do it a little - But today sucked! It really did! GRAAARRR... Anyways.. Focus on the positive -deep breath- Sigh.. Instead of reminding myself of today I will tell you guys what I've been doing the past few days since I've been too busy to blog :)
YOU ARE NOW ON A TIME TRAVEL!! Let's start with yesterday..
Yesterday was my dad's birthday (go dad!) so my grandparents came over. My grandparents brought me to the beach to have an ice..

Yum! With chocolate and  caramel ice <3
After that we went home. We ate outside and after that my dad and grandpa thought they should have a nap on my garden trampoline - NOT! I put my lovely bunny Snoowey on it and told him to attack >:]

Watch that evil glare, mwhahahahah!!

At first he went to my dad.. As you can see my dad was a little afraid of him.
Then he saw my grandpa and went to attack! While my dad was trying to flee, Snoowey jumped on my grandpa and sat there. I love how my grandpa is like "What the?! Get that thing away from me!! D:" and Snoowey is all like "What? Me? I didn't do anything?"

Let's go back in time, shall we?
My friend Emily was here during weekend. Emily and I were in the kitchen during my dads birthday party, which was held Saturday, we took care of the food and serving. It was fun and people kept telling us how nice it was with that extra help and all ^^ The contact lenses are Emily's. She is going to wear them soon at some event I will tell you about later~
This was the kitchen we were working in :P

Then back to yesterday! I found this bag filled with make-up in my room. Maybe it's time for some make-up tutorials soon?
 In the evenings I've been at the beach with my friends - What a beautiful sunlight <3
 That was all for today (I think) See you soon :D

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