May 11, 2012


Yeah.. Smart as I was, I thought I could update my blog from my new.. oh that's right. I didn't tell you  people! I got a new phone! :D:)
Yeap, this is my new and beloved Samsung Galaxy SII <3 - The pink one is my old Samsung S5230 that I got back in 2009 :)
Yaaaaaay ^^
Some days ago my mom freaked out when I came home. She was like: "Lucy LUCY!!!! I bought JAPANESE FOOD!!! :D... and Indian!!" And yeah.. she cooked both of it and I gotta say it was pretty yummy :]
Teriyaki <3

The yummy Indian food that I forgot the name of.. 

Also, today while in school my mom texted me. I had got a package- What could it be?
Hmmmmmm... Just a dearly friend sending me yet a gift <3 Thank you so much, you already know how glad I am ♥ My friend knows how much into earrings I am and that I had just lost some of my favorite earrings some days ago.. plus that I had got my new phone and that I didn't have a cover yet...

AND! The last thing that I want to show you guys before my next post IS.... BAMBAMBAAAAM!!! 
This weekend I went to some conference with a friend, apparently ALOT of people there dress up and I was like... "I should dress up too. I don't want to look boring.. but I shouldn't overdo it" Then the thought hit me.. A SIM! Everybody there were going to be some kind of cosplay'ish'stuff'people'things and since I don't really read, I don't watch anime ooooor.. actually I got nothing to do with any of it. I was pretty much out of ideas and since I had to make the costume myself it had to be uhh.. "simple".
SO! Yes, I made a diamond xD

I'll put up pics of it tomorrow and tell about it xD Stay tuned!

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