May 7, 2012

Just my day~

He grabbed my bag and walked away. Monika was about to leave and I had to follow her. He didn't give it back to me during English class. There I was, with all of my books on my table - my phone, my camera, and my FOOD was in that bag. He was gone. . . This morning I didn't have my breakfast and I was starving! :O I had to get it back! I walked over to him with my friend Maria and asked where it was.. all he did was a handsign that meant Choco (The creepy guy), so we went over to him and asked if he had my bag. He said no. I went back to the table with the other girls, but I was so hungry. Mette gave me a small piece of bread with some strange stuff on it and after that we went to find that guy  again. Maria yelled "there he is!", but as we sneaked up to him.. I don't know how, but he found out! And he ran . . . RAN as fast as he could. He ran outside, passed the juniors.. He ran for his life and he was screaming, he screamed as loud as he could as I was getting nearer and nearer. "HELP, HELP! RAPE! RAAPE!!", but that didn't stop me! He ran around half the school like that with me right after.. People were staring -.- And cheering for him PFFF!!! When we got back inside there were too many people, he got away =__= Later I found him again with the help of Maria. I asked him where the bag was and his "crib" couldn't help but laugh. It turned out my bag had been under the creepy guy's table ALL the time! D:<
Yes.. I spend my whole lunch-break hunting him, but it was worth it! Now pretty much every guy on the school  will know that they should NOT mess with me, and especially not STEAL MY FOOD!! D:<

Some other stuff that happened today..

  • As I went outside to catch that guy, he pushed me into a group of other guys and was like: "GANGBANG!" and I was like "Yeeeah right, I'm not afraid of you guys" (Tough girl ftw!). Well that's not it! Just as I was about to run after that guy, one of the other guys in the group was like "Hey Lucy, are you a model or something?" And I was like "aaawh.. I feel pretty now <3"
  • Right after drama class Maria, Julie, Susanne and I were standing outside the classroom talking. Maria was like: "Hey Lucy did you lose weight?" And I was like: "No, why?" Then she said: "Oh because you just look so pretty and thin skinny right now". Now usually when people talk about my weight they go like: "You should gain some weight. Eat some more! You're too skinny!" Yeah you "normal" people might not know but hearing this all the time hurt us skinny people just as much as we hurt you when we call you fat or chubby. REMEMBER THAT! next time you talk to a skinny person. And THANK YOU Maria! <3 It made me really happy to hear that actually, even though I didn't show it <3   
  • In history class today I got bored and I've got no idea how.. but suddenly the girl beside me (Camilla) mentioned the thing "bacon-snail". LET'S DRAW THAT! I said and found my pencil!

Ladies and gentlemen.. Meet Herpderp the Baconsnail!
 And this is my sabel-toothed bacon-snail. It doesn't have a name yet since both Camilla and I burst into laughter right after I finished the "face"

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