May 2, 2012

*PUFF!* I'm back! Sup guys, I'm still working on my assignments.. got 6 back and only 28 days back in school before my break starts :D Aaah, my days are okay short and the last 3 days the weather has been great!   Now thinking of that it's still spring and we've got +20 here I couldn't be more happy :P Man I love summer and warm weather, I can't wait! So yesterday I only had two classes, after that I went back home and sat outside working on my assignments. My mom brought me a chocolate muffin, some vanilla ice and some strawberries... HEAVEN I tell you <3 

After a little while my siblings joined me but after eating their ice they left me alone again.. 
That's it for now, I better get back to "work", lateeeeeers <3

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