May 21, 2012

Summer on its way :D

It's getting warmer <3 And no, I'm not talking about global warming, I'm talking about the weather! :D

This weekend I had a sleepover with Emily at my place. There we were - playing computer games when she suddenly goes: "Shall we go buy some candy :3?" And I was like: "o.O ..... SURE!" And then we got outside.. man it was hot! We had walked.. maybe 20m when it hit me; Why don't we go buy some icecream? 

And so we did! We grabbed our bikes - We were on our way! Just one problem.. How the heck do we get there? None of us knew where to go, only the direction.. But we tried! And we got there! We couldn't find that one special icecream shop but we were lazy.. and it was hot outside. We went to another shop-thingie nearby to get some ice and then we walked down the beach to enjoy it <3

Mhhhhhhm, I love that girl <3 

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