May 21, 2012

Going to SVS Con! (Part II)


So as promised I'd continue my telling.. but now I forgot where I got to -.-...
Erh.. Well people loved me <3 Hahhaa and that girl who came up to me was all like "Oooh you're my favorite cosplayer!!" It was kinda awkward since I wasn't a part of the show and this was my first year.. heck no I knew how to cosplay o.O
I promised to show some pics so.. let's have a look! :D
(Since I know NOTHING when it comes to anime/manga I can't tell you the names of the characters.. you have to guess yourself).

We found these two girls in front who happened to be friends and then just as we were about to take a picture we found the grey girl behind us. My friend told me that she was form the same anime so of course she had to be there too :P
 Now at least I know Luigi here, but I'm not sure about the girl o.O
Hahahah I loved these guys! Here we got Courage the Cowardly dog and his owners Muriel and Eustace.
 Here we got the crew from Disney's Tangled. They were also a part of the cosplay show and they did pretty good :) Unfortunately they didn't win any of the prizes :/
This guy was my hero! I mean.. his outfit! GAAH!! <3 It was soooo cool, and there were little blue flashlights... Favorite costume!
The girl in pink.. She was ADORABLE <3 aaawh, I loved her dress, it was super cute and she had such a childish voice, it matched perfectly with the look. The one to the left was pretty cool too, I don't know which character she dressed up as but it was really nice :D

Some.. zombie Hatsune Miku? And.. I got no idea what the other girl is actually :o
Some guy from Naruto and look! There's Waldo! :D

This post is getting way too long.. and I'm tired of waiting for my SUPER SLOW Paint -.- 

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