May 18, 2012

Going to SVS Con! (Part I)

 FINALLY! Time to make my post about SVS Con 2012 that I went to last weekend! :D
I went with my friend Lana (to the right) and her friend Juliana (I think hat's how it's spelled..)
To clear it out; SVS Con is a yearly conference. It's mainly for people who are interested in the Japanese pop-culture. At the con there are 4 things; Anime, manga, gaming and cosplay.

Okay so my dad drove us there (It wasn't in my hometown, the con was in a city called Herning), and we met up with some girl named Marianne who is a friend of Lana. We were going to sleep at her place.
We arrived at her place around 4pm Friday. We threw our bags and went to the Con, only Marianne was wearing a costume. IT.. WAS... AWESOME! There were maaaany people and some had to sleep at the Con so the whole place was like.. filled with people and their bags xD Chaos!

We went back to her place around midnight and got some rest, we had A LOT to do tomorrow.
Saturday we woke up "early", ate some bread for breakfast and put on some make-up so that we wouldn't look sick..
And by sick looking I mean THIS!
Yeap this is me.. Sick-looking. Here we were on our way to pick up Lana and her friend.

At the Con there was A LOT of stuff, there was a place that you could draw and show off your drawing skills. My friend Lana is a PRO drawer so OF COURSE I needed a pic..

Oooh my gosh.. she HAS to be some kind of professional when she gets older..
Also Marianne found MY drawing super cute.. It wasn't. It was just a chibi and NOTHING compared to Lana's stuff o:

There was also this whole thing about hugging. EVERYBODY were just so friendly and loving and everywhere you could see people hugging others. 
But because some people went crazy and got hurt (Not here, in America) they made a rule; to be hugged you must have a sign! Sooo... I drew a sign..
Then I walked around and used my puppy eyes on people.. they couldn't resist MWHAHAHA
But this was just a prank, when they then hugged the paper you would see the backside.. I couldn't turn the pic, but here is what I wrote...
Lame yes.. but it DID work >:]
I got a lot of pics of different people in different costumes (I will post those Monday :D) + a lot of other pics :P
But yes.. if you didn't have a sign, people had to ask you first if they wanted to hug you.. "Yeah sure, maybe there'll be like 5 of those" HECK NO. I got like (And no his is not self-praising) many hugs.. okay many.. I got maybe around 100.. well if you think of it that's actually a lot. Every time you looked around you'd see someone taking a picture or getting a picture taken..
And yes.. I came there dressed as a sim (I'll show you guys Monday) and .. Well I got many comments on my outfit. They called me original, creative, cute, super kawaii and much much more <3 I felt so loved :3 hahaha okay and... OH YES! There was this girl. I was standing somewhere with my friends.. I was looking at a dress and suddenly this random girl came up to me and asked for a picture.. and a hug. and afer that she freaked out! She was like; "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!! You're a sim!! Oh my gosh, you're a genius! I love your dress! You're so kawaii blablabla ¤"#$£*!!!" I mean in the end she just... I don't know.. I can't believe when people praise me > <

I got to go now, my friend (BEST FRIEND!) Emily (<3 <3 <3) is here and we're having a sleepover.. now we're going to play Sims soooo... I'll be back Monday with pictures of people we saw there, our own costumes, pictures from the place, pictures of what I bought and much much more :D Therefore.. I shall leave!! See you next time ;)

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