June 29, 2012

Croatia here we come!

Today's the day :P 
In around 2 hours or so my family and I will start the car and then we'll be on our way to Croatia. I've never been there so this year is going to be fantastic! (I hope).

I'll stay there for around 14 days but the driving takes time too so I might be back around.. July 14th or something like that :P My mom told me we'd buy some internet while being there so I might get a little time to blog (I really hope!) 

  The best part of it is that we'll go to the same place as my best friend and her family. We'll be around 21 people that know each others so it sure will get crowded.. Now thinking of it I think I'm going to miss the stuff I'm used to in Italy - The pools, the guides that always wants to know your name, the photographers that already DO know your name, the soccer-place-thingie where people hang out, the thunderstorms, the hail with the size of golf balls, the restaurants that we always go to, the city that I will never get lost in because I'm so used to it, the Italian icecream (NEVER take that for granted!), that huge group of friends that I'm always a part of, and that we always stay out until midnight even though we're not allowed to..Ah yeah.. Italy I will miss you for sure this year but I'm looking forward for Croatia at the same time.

I'm prepared for the long drive this year! I found my Gameboy Advance, my Nintendo DS, my phone with music on it, my computer (without internet though), my drawing stuff, and then my books that I'll have to finish before August and seriously.. Who reads during summer? Okay some does but I'm not one of those~

 This is going to be our "house" that we will stay in aaaaand...
 This will be my bed :P
And here we got my stuff that is going to keep me occupied the next 2 days...

Take care everybody! Enjoy your summer :D

Getting ready for summer vacation :3

Yesterday I was super busy! I had to go buy new clothes since I'm going to Croatia tomorrow. I ate at my grandparents, I had to pack (which I didn't have time for since I like sleeping in <3) and then later in the evening I went to a party with my class. Let's start with the party.. I have NEVER been to such a lame party. We all split up and people got drunk but not drunk in a funny way. We were 4 girls that sat outside watching the grill and let me say it like this; The funniest moments of that party was when my friend Monika hit a fly so it flew into a girl named Marie's face and when we were playing "Is it fry-able?!" which consisted of us throwing random stuff at the grill. 

Also I saw a (new) pet shop. I don't know why but.. I love those places and since I had never seen it before I had to check it out!  

 (Gotta love cat stuff)

Aaah... these cages make me feel like getting a new hamster just to watch it play in them :3

This evening I went to watch Ice Age 4 with my little brother...

June 25, 2012

Randomness with Lucy #2

I felt like doing yet a "Randomness with Lucy" and well.. you can't stop me! MWHAHAHAH

  • Saturday I went to my friend Maria's place. We hung out and ... well.. you know those nights! Also we were celebrating Sct. Hans.
  • My friend Sushi decided she should gift me exactly one week after my birthday. It was awesome. She had found this quote by Einstein and she told me that the first time she read it, she thought of me <3 Also she had found this poem by her favorite poet and it was pretty much explaining how we behave when we're together. I love it!

  • Remember my friend Pedro? The one who got hit by a car? Yeah.. He can walk again :) I'm so happy for him. He's still waiting for his operation but he's doing better :)
  • My friends must have been cursed or something. Suddenly they have started calling me stuff like sweetie, honey, "mulle" which in my head sounds like something a little girl would call her horse, princess and much much more. I mean, I can go with cutie and dear. I'm getting used to it, but WHO THE HECK WANTS TO BE CALLED PRINCESS?!??! I can't even.. 
  • My best friend Emily recently got a new friend. I also got to talk to him and well.. He made me these - I think I might have got a fan o.O

  • Have you ever heard people saying that K-pop isn't music? and that the singers there can't sing? I have. If you know some people who say like that you might should consider showing them this:

This is Hyorin from SISTAR~  Honestly I think she sings it better

T.G.I.S (Thank God It's Summer!)

BOM BOM POW! I'm back!  
(What a bedhead huh? hahaha)

Today was a dark and rainy morning. I was going to my last "exam" today. In history. Yesterday I was supposed to go to my school at 8am again but AGAIN I overslept... I woke up at 8.12am (very precise yes!) And rushed up there... It was the same teacher like last time. But this time I didn't get the message that I should burn in hell. Nope, just a sarcastic comment; "Are you awake?"

Anyways! It was a rainy morning! And I was going for my last exam - in goddamnhistory D: I hate history class and since this was my last one I was like "F this! It's summer!"
I was going to talk about the Roman Empire and I had put a lot of work in my papers so that I could easily find out what to say when they started asking questions. Anyways no more blabberin'... I got a B! Aaaah I'm so proud!!! Hahahah and SO hyper :P

Now my summer officially started and school is over! No more school for me in this country before August 2013!!! WOOOH \(^0^)/

June 19, 2012

My birthday - Allison Party

Long time no see~ On June 16th I was celebrating my 17th birthday with my family. I was super excited since the weather had been bad like.. the past 3 days but on my birthday the sun was shining and it was super hot outside actually :P (Here we say that if the weatehr is good that day you were born it means that you've been a good person). My grandparents, my dad's aunt, and my cousins were here. We weren't many but it was fun :)
My best friend was invited too but she had to work so she came a little later than the others. Around 4pm I went to pick her up at the bus stop right outside my house.
Yup. Great weather!

This is what I got. I didn't wish for anything . . . Instead they gave me money for my trip :)
 These brown letters were brought to me by my best friend. It's written by our pen-pal-friend Do Yun who lives in South Korea :) He wrote me a letter in English and then one in Korean. Also he sent some candy which is called "Dragonballs" (that's what 아이셔) means. They're like.. gum'ish and then there's something really sour powder inside. It taste like apples :)
 He also sent me a cover for my phone with my favorite K-pop band SHINee. Now this cover is special. His dad is working for Samsung and from what I know he asked his dad or something to make me a special cover. Some weeks before he had asked for my favorite picture of them and look. Now it's on my phone :D

 I got this cute card from my aunt, uncle and cousin who sadly couldn't come. It was like a pop-up baby/cheerleader because.. well yeah I'm a cheerleader o.O
I got some skin care stuff from my best friend <3

And of course we had a LOT of cake again :)
____BAMBAMBAAAAM!!! Moving on to the next topic!____

Yesterday I went to my friend Mette's Allison Party. Her brother is going to Berlin with his class and they're selling these eco-products (from Allison) to get enough money :)
 That is Mette (left) and her friend Nadia. When we came there were little homemade cookies on the table. Later we had cake and drank tea like those old English women.
Mette had made this herself - She's such a genius when it comes to cakes. She got a blog too in which she writes about her recent projects :) Click here to go to Mette's blog.

June 14, 2012

Sleepover with Maria!

My friend Maria slept over here since yesterday... We didn't do much - Just lazying around. We changed to pajamas short time after she arrived here. We went to the pizza place to buy some pommes frites and a salatpizza. Yesterday Denmark was playing soccer and Maria wanted to watch . We sat down the couch and every time Denmark scored we jumped up and hugged each others, then we yelled with our super manly voices and fell back in the couch while screaming - It was really fun. We also spent a lot of the time talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. Every time they filmed the Portuguese team, they filmed his face.
Which was pretty much like this most of the time:
 "Bitch please, I'm fabulous!"
We were home alone as my parents went to some "party" (Heck no it wasn't, but that's what they called it). Maria had brought some movies as we were going to watch. 4 actually. But FIRST we decided to fool around a little. I grabbed my markers and said to her: "MARIA! We're gonna draw on the fruits!!!" 

We were just about to turn on the TV when I saw the photos hanging behind her...

(Don't worry moms, we photocopied the real photos and drew on those). 
THEN! We started our movies! First we were watching "Horrible Bosses" and "Confession of a shopaholic" which are two really good movies. Yeap.. Right after our manly way of watching soccer we were watching a girls' movie... My dad wanted to watch some other soccer game.. I think it was Germany and some other team. We sent him to my room instead...

(It's hard to see, I know! But here we are, sitting in the couch with our pink cover and pillows).
Ah btw, you guys should take a look at this. My friend Ryan was a big fan of my eyes and decided to draw me. He used my current profile picture on Facebook and it turned out like this:

It's incredible! *-*

June 13, 2012

Hi grandma. Long time no see huh? . . Time goes by pretty fast these days. 
I just came here to wish you a happy birthday. 78 years, that's a long time . . . really. 
I better go now. I'm sure you've got stuff to do. You seemed busy.. I tried calling you, but you didn't answer. I can't mail you, since you don't have a computer. Then I tried visiting you, but they wouldn't let me in. I guess I'll have to wait a little more . . . The golden doors to Heaven are not that easy to break through . . .
Say hi to grandpa okay? Tell him I love him, I love you too and that both of you should have a nice day. I miss you so much ♥ ♥ 

June 11, 2012

Study, study, study!

WARNING! This is a LONG post about school, you'll probably be bored to death while reading.
Sorry guys T____T I've been away for 6 days now.. BAD LUCY! But I can explain!! D:
I was studying for my exam.. Yesterday one of my bros went to Hong Kong with his class and I wanted to tell him to have a nice trip since we probably won't get to talk while he's there :/ I love my bro very very much so I just HAD to say "see you" and all that before he left. The thing is that my bro is in another timezone.. Which resulted in me waking up at 4.30pm to say that to him -.- But I did! And I'm happy for that! We chatted back and forth for around 20 min. Then he told me to go back to sleep and so I did.
At 8am I'd have to go to my school, which is 15 min. away by car. I set my alarm to wake me up again at 6am so I could get to put on make-up, eat breakfast, find clothes and all that... When the alarm started I just quickly stopped it and thought "Just 5 more minutes >0<" ... Those were some LONG 5 min. Suddenly I woke up by my phone vibrating beside my head like crazy - My friend was calling me. I was too slow to pick up, instead I took a look at the watch [FREAKING 7.45AM!!!!] Oh yeah. So I JUMPED out of bed! Crawling down my staircase! Ran to my parents room at woke up my dad! (Actually he was already awake. He went to my room around 7am and tried to get me up. He thought he was talking to me but it turns out I was answering him in my sleep... Oooops... Also I think I yelled something like "NJEEEEH!!! GO AWAAAAAY *Hides under cover*" ... Yeah I definitely did.

I went to my school, I didn't have breakfast. Didn't brush my teeth nor hair. I literally looked like a monster =___= But I went there! I was at my school at exactly 8.01am! I RAN upstairs. Oh yeah.. I forgot to tell why I even went there. Yesterday was the day that I had to pick a picture and a text that I'd have to talk about at my Spanish exam - Which was today. I was the last one to pick.. but I DID get my stuff.. Now I had 24 hours to study non-stop before the exam.
I studied and studied and studied.. My text was about Mexico and the picture was of a man and a woman in a kitchen. Also I'd have to pick a text today at school and then I had around 24 min. to read it and translate it so I'd be able to tell about it in my own language.
I was SO nervous and I was shaking so badly.. I made some mistakes that I already knew was wrong, but I was ... well.. DAMN NERVOUS T___T!!!  I got the grade 7 which is pretty good. It's above average but I know I could've done better if I hadn't been so nervous :/
The scale goes like this: 03, 00, 2, 4, 7, 10, 12 Where 12 is the best and if you get 00 or below you'll fail :/

Now I have exactly 2 weeks off before the next and last test - History... Blaaah =___=

June 5, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day ♥

2½ hour ago my first "end-of-the-year-test" (as I call exam) ended.
Yesterday evening I planned to go there by car - My friend Maria's mom would pick me and the other Maria up. She was a little late so when I got into the hall with around 100 other students in it, I almost ran to my spot. I had to set up my printer myself - 2-3 days ago I had just installed the software (Because I have a cute purple notebook that, sadly enough, doesn't want to team up with my printer.. But I forced it! MWUAHAHAH!!! I had some troubles printing the "test page" and I started shaking so bad. My friends tried to help me but suddenly the teachers told us all to sit down. I DID fix it right before they started to explain what we had to do -whew-. The test-thingie was in Danish. I had to pick 1 out of 4 assignments. I had no idea which one to do so instead I just used the "exclusion-method". #1 it was and I started - In my assignment I had to analyse a poem and blabla and so I did! When I was done I left the hall - What a release! My hands were like ice, it was so cold in there but at least I was free now! Tomorrow I have off and then on Thursday I'll have my next "exam" which is in English.

Tonight I'll probably just stay up late and enjoy that I have off - Not just that, but also because I want to watch Planet Venus pass the Sun. Why the heck do I want to stay up at night just to watch some stupid planet? pfff! - Well truth is, I've always been a science nerd, at least when talking about space and planets and such. Tonight is very special because the next time Venus will pass the sun like that will be in more than 100 years from now.. I'm not sure I'll live for 117 so I won't skip the chance to see it this time :P 
This is Venus - Venus has often been called our sister planet because the size is about the same as Earth
Venus is named after The Roman Goddess of love and beauty - And this picture shows why :)
Venus is extremely hot and dangerous - The temperature is around 465°C.
Okay so let's say that you, in some strange way, suddenly were able to stand such temperatures... Then you could visit Venus? WRONG! The atmosphere consists of around 95% CO2.. So if you had a spacesuit that would make it possible to breathe? NO! The pressure is around as large as at 930 meters water depth - You'd be turned into a Lego-brick. Also the skies are filled with acid so.... Just give it up already ;)

Today is fathers day - Yay! When I came home from the exam-thingie I wished my dad a good day and danced around like crazy. After that we had our lovely father-son fight. Yeap, you heard it! Father-son.
We ate at my grandparents today and after that I had to help my grandpa moving files from his phone to the pc.. It took forever but I'm proud of him. 73 years old and still using the computer ♥

One more thing that I wanted to show you today are my nails :) I was so happy about my new shirt and so inspired that I felt like giving it a try - and success!
What do you think :D ?

[EDIT]: Sorry guys, I know I said this was the last thing I wanted to show you but a friend of mine sent me this video.. you HAVE  to watch it! :D
Barack Obama - Call Me Maybe

June 3, 2012

Dadadaaaaa!!! Lucy and Sushi on adventures!

You know it's going to be an awesome day when your friend calls you in the morning and asks you to go on adventures with her \(^ㅂ^)/ Woooh! <---------- Yesterday

She told me to be at the train station at 1.30pm - sharp!
She also told me to bring a map, a pair of wellies (we cancelled that since none of us could find some), and to wear something blue - She'd come in orange! "I don't have much blue clothes Sushi" I said. "I will bring my 1-up mushroom!" I kinda said that in fun but yeah I brought it :P Oh yes! She also said she had a gift for me..

When I came to the station I took a picture, mainly because I have a penpal who loves Denmark so I wanted to show him around. I didn't know what was going to happen, nor did she.
(It's pretty small)

Suddenly Sushi *ahem Susanne* stood in front of me, we opened our mouths and prepared to scream but no sound came out. Instead we ran into each others arms and hugged, straight after she handed me THIS!
Shocked Patrick
ZeusBlushing! My reaction was somehow like this.

"Lucy! We are going to the most AWESOME city in Denmark!!" she said and we both quickly looked at the board hanging above the doors. Copenhagen, Ribe, Aalborg, Århus, Odense blablabla there were soooo many cities. Odense, Århus and copenhagen came into our minds - Sushi also thought of Ribe but I ensured her it would be.. a pretty boring city to go to. Copenhagen would be too expensive so she found a corner and a key and said "The key will be Århus - The corner = Odense". She told me to close my eyes and pick a hand. ÅRHUS! We were going to Århus! We went to buy a ticket and the women in there told us that we'd have to take some busses since they were working on the railways from June 1st to June 4th.

Our train would leave for Århus at 2pm. We went outside and entered the train in which we sat down and ate some cookies that she had brought. We named my mushroom Århus so that he'd be an everlasting memory - He was with us all the time.

My sister was at one of her friends' house while my bro was with my parents. They were in a small city called Bork with some friends - aka NOT home. We thought we might should inform our parents and as the train started we started texting them. 
Mine was short and straightforward:
ÅRHUS!!! and then I attached this picture:
 (That half cookie in her hand really made a difference. It's like way more evil like this.) 

She freaked out and DEMANDED me to get off the train as soon as possible and take the next train home. I called her and used my incredible argumentation skills against her - "Mom, I'm 16 and I DO KNOW how to take care of myself. I'm with Susanne who always takes the train. We have money, a map, our phones, and the GPS in my phone. Why can't I when you could go to Spain, when you were 14, alone??" 

She was still mad and started blaming Sushi.. She texted me saying she was VERY mad at me and asked if Sushis' dad knew she was going there - In some way he did. "Do you have any idea what kind of city that is!?!" "Well mom, that stuff happens in the evening (There's a lot of crime on Århus). "Yes, but it's already 2pm!!!" We had a lot of fun later in the evening when we looked back at that comment. Around 20 min. later my dad texted me that we should take care, take the train from there around 6-7pm and text them when we were on the train.
 Nice view huh?

The train stopped in Vejle - From there we had to take a bus to Horsens. 
At first we couldn't find the bus but in the end we did. We got in and found the map! 
It was huuuuuuuuge :OO
On the back there was a lot of stories about a huge fire in Denmark back in 1700-something as we spent the time reading.

We got off the bus at Horsens as planned. From there we would take a train to Århus - Our final destination!
We arrived in Århus around 5pm - We had 2 hours!
The last picture is from the station in Århus - Bikes EVERYWHERE!
At first we walked around and decided that we were hungry, we stopped at a tent where some Thai women were cooking. The smell was delicious but we decided we should explore the rest of "Strøget" as the street was called. We also went to a big mall called "Magasin" but ended up at McDonalds... Then we walked down the street again and sat down by a river that ran through the streets.

The upper picture is from the left side - It was filled with cafés and there were a lot of people - It seemed... "cozy".
Those two hours passed quite fast and now it was time for us to get back home.
I'm not all sure about it but from what I remember it went like this: We took the train from Århus to Horsens. Just as we arrived we had missed the train to Esbjerg! Darn it. Now we would have to take the bus from here to Vejle. We waited for half an hour before we could take the train to the airport in Copenhagen. Instead of going there, we should get off in Fredericia.
(Arrived in Vejle)

AGAIN the train to Esbjerg had left JUST as we got there. Now we'd have to wait here for an hour. Sushi had to pee~ She'd have to pay 2 DKK to get in there and none of us had any coins on us - She had a Mastercard though. So what did we do? We went on adventures to find the princess!!! (A bank)
Here we are... creeping around in Fredericia. It was so strange, there were like NO people - No matter where we went. We did find the princess though.
Finally our train came to pick us up . . .
(In the last train) Whew, what a long day.
Finally. After around 7 hours of travelling (and 2 hours at our actual destination) we came back home. Susanne who lives far away had to sleep at our friend Mette's place. I took the bus home and arrived at exactly 12am outside my house.

What do you do next time your friend invites you on adventures? You say yes without even thinking of it, act spontaneous, and just enjoy life <3 
Thanks Sushi