June 29, 2012

Croatia here we come!

Today's the day :P 
In around 2 hours or so my family and I will start the car and then we'll be on our way to Croatia. I've never been there so this year is going to be fantastic! (I hope).

I'll stay there for around 14 days but the driving takes time too so I might be back around.. July 14th or something like that :P My mom told me we'd buy some internet while being there so I might get a little time to blog (I really hope!) 

  The best part of it is that we'll go to the same place as my best friend and her family. We'll be around 21 people that know each others so it sure will get crowded.. Now thinking of it I think I'm going to miss the stuff I'm used to in Italy - The pools, the guides that always wants to know your name, the photographers that already DO know your name, the soccer-place-thingie where people hang out, the thunderstorms, the hail with the size of golf balls, the restaurants that we always go to, the city that I will never get lost in because I'm so used to it, the Italian icecream (NEVER take that for granted!), that huge group of friends that I'm always a part of, and that we always stay out until midnight even though we're not allowed to..Ah yeah.. Italy I will miss you for sure this year but I'm looking forward for Croatia at the same time.

I'm prepared for the long drive this year! I found my Gameboy Advance, my Nintendo DS, my phone with music on it, my computer (without internet though), my drawing stuff, and then my books that I'll have to finish before August and seriously.. Who reads during summer? Okay some does but I'm not one of those~

 This is going to be our "house" that we will stay in aaaaand...
 This will be my bed :P
And here we got my stuff that is going to keep me occupied the next 2 days...

Take care everybody! Enjoy your summer :D

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