June 3, 2012

Dadadaaaaa!!! Lucy and Sushi on adventures!

You know it's going to be an awesome day when your friend calls you in the morning and asks you to go on adventures with her \(^ㅂ^)/ Woooh! <---------- Yesterday

She told me to be at the train station at 1.30pm - sharp!
She also told me to bring a map, a pair of wellies (we cancelled that since none of us could find some), and to wear something blue - She'd come in orange! "I don't have much blue clothes Sushi" I said. "I will bring my 1-up mushroom!" I kinda said that in fun but yeah I brought it :P Oh yes! She also said she had a gift for me..

When I came to the station I took a picture, mainly because I have a penpal who loves Denmark so I wanted to show him around. I didn't know what was going to happen, nor did she.
(It's pretty small)

Suddenly Sushi *ahem Susanne* stood in front of me, we opened our mouths and prepared to scream but no sound came out. Instead we ran into each others arms and hugged, straight after she handed me THIS!
Shocked Patrick
ZeusBlushing! My reaction was somehow like this.

"Lucy! We are going to the most AWESOME city in Denmark!!" she said and we both quickly looked at the board hanging above the doors. Copenhagen, Ribe, Aalborg, Århus, Odense blablabla there were soooo many cities. Odense, Århus and copenhagen came into our minds - Sushi also thought of Ribe but I ensured her it would be.. a pretty boring city to go to. Copenhagen would be too expensive so she found a corner and a key and said "The key will be Århus - The corner = Odense". She told me to close my eyes and pick a hand. ÅRHUS! We were going to Århus! We went to buy a ticket and the women in there told us that we'd have to take some busses since they were working on the railways from June 1st to June 4th.

Our train would leave for Århus at 2pm. We went outside and entered the train in which we sat down and ate some cookies that she had brought. We named my mushroom Århus so that he'd be an everlasting memory - He was with us all the time.

My sister was at one of her friends' house while my bro was with my parents. They were in a small city called Bork with some friends - aka NOT home. We thought we might should inform our parents and as the train started we started texting them. 
Mine was short and straightforward:
ÅRHUS!!! and then I attached this picture:
 (That half cookie in her hand really made a difference. It's like way more evil like this.) 

She freaked out and DEMANDED me to get off the train as soon as possible and take the next train home. I called her and used my incredible argumentation skills against her - "Mom, I'm 16 and I DO KNOW how to take care of myself. I'm with Susanne who always takes the train. We have money, a map, our phones, and the GPS in my phone. Why can't I when you could go to Spain, when you were 14, alone??" 

She was still mad and started blaming Sushi.. She texted me saying she was VERY mad at me and asked if Sushis' dad knew she was going there - In some way he did. "Do you have any idea what kind of city that is!?!" "Well mom, that stuff happens in the evening (There's a lot of crime on Århus). "Yes, but it's already 2pm!!!" We had a lot of fun later in the evening when we looked back at that comment. Around 20 min. later my dad texted me that we should take care, take the train from there around 6-7pm and text them when we were on the train.
 Nice view huh?

The train stopped in Vejle - From there we had to take a bus to Horsens. 
At first we couldn't find the bus but in the end we did. We got in and found the map! 
It was huuuuuuuuge :OO
On the back there was a lot of stories about a huge fire in Denmark back in 1700-something as we spent the time reading.

We got off the bus at Horsens as planned. From there we would take a train to Århus - Our final destination!
We arrived in Århus around 5pm - We had 2 hours!
The last picture is from the station in Århus - Bikes EVERYWHERE!
At first we walked around and decided that we were hungry, we stopped at a tent where some Thai women were cooking. The smell was delicious but we decided we should explore the rest of "Strøget" as the street was called. We also went to a big mall called "Magasin" but ended up at McDonalds... Then we walked down the street again and sat down by a river that ran through the streets.

The upper picture is from the left side - It was filled with cafés and there were a lot of people - It seemed... "cozy".
Those two hours passed quite fast and now it was time for us to get back home.
I'm not all sure about it but from what I remember it went like this: We took the train from Århus to Horsens. Just as we arrived we had missed the train to Esbjerg! Darn it. Now we would have to take the bus from here to Vejle. We waited for half an hour before we could take the train to the airport in Copenhagen. Instead of going there, we should get off in Fredericia.
(Arrived in Vejle)

AGAIN the train to Esbjerg had left JUST as we got there. Now we'd have to wait here for an hour. Sushi had to pee~ She'd have to pay 2 DKK to get in there and none of us had any coins on us - She had a Mastercard though. So what did we do? We went on adventures to find the princess!!! (A bank)
Here we are... creeping around in Fredericia. It was so strange, there were like NO people - No matter where we went. We did find the princess though.
Finally our train came to pick us up . . .
(In the last train) Whew, what a long day.
Finally. After around 7 hours of travelling (and 2 hours at our actual destination) we came back home. Susanne who lives far away had to sleep at our friend Mette's place. I took the bus home and arrived at exactly 12am outside my house.

What do you do next time your friend invites you on adventures? You say yes without even thinking of it, act spontaneous, and just enjoy life <3 
Thanks Sushi