June 29, 2012

Getting ready for summer vacation :3

Yesterday I was super busy! I had to go buy new clothes since I'm going to Croatia tomorrow. I ate at my grandparents, I had to pack (which I didn't have time for since I like sleeping in <3) and then later in the evening I went to a party with my class. Let's start with the party.. I have NEVER been to such a lame party. We all split up and people got drunk but not drunk in a funny way. We were 4 girls that sat outside watching the grill and let me say it like this; The funniest moments of that party was when my friend Monika hit a fly so it flew into a girl named Marie's face and when we were playing "Is it fry-able?!" which consisted of us throwing random stuff at the grill. 

Also I saw a (new) pet shop. I don't know why but.. I love those places and since I had never seen it before I had to check it out!  

 (Gotta love cat stuff)

Aaah... these cages make me feel like getting a new hamster just to watch it play in them :3

This evening I went to watch Ice Age 4 with my little brother...

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