June 5, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day ♥

2½ hour ago my first "end-of-the-year-test" (as I call exam) ended.
Yesterday evening I planned to go there by car - My friend Maria's mom would pick me and the other Maria up. She was a little late so when I got into the hall with around 100 other students in it, I almost ran to my spot. I had to set up my printer myself - 2-3 days ago I had just installed the software (Because I have a cute purple notebook that, sadly enough, doesn't want to team up with my printer.. But I forced it! MWUAHAHAH!!! I had some troubles printing the "test page" and I started shaking so bad. My friends tried to help me but suddenly the teachers told us all to sit down. I DID fix it right before they started to explain what we had to do -whew-. The test-thingie was in Danish. I had to pick 1 out of 4 assignments. I had no idea which one to do so instead I just used the "exclusion-method". #1 it was and I started - In my assignment I had to analyse a poem and blabla and so I did! When I was done I left the hall - What a release! My hands were like ice, it was so cold in there but at least I was free now! Tomorrow I have off and then on Thursday I'll have my next "exam" which is in English.

Tonight I'll probably just stay up late and enjoy that I have off - Not just that, but also because I want to watch Planet Venus pass the Sun. Why the heck do I want to stay up at night just to watch some stupid planet? pfff! - Well truth is, I've always been a science nerd, at least when talking about space and planets and such. Tonight is very special because the next time Venus will pass the sun like that will be in more than 100 years from now.. I'm not sure I'll live for 117 so I won't skip the chance to see it this time :P 
This is Venus - Venus has often been called our sister planet because the size is about the same as Earth
Venus is named after The Roman Goddess of love and beauty - And this picture shows why :)
Venus is extremely hot and dangerous - The temperature is around 465°C.
Okay so let's say that you, in some strange way, suddenly were able to stand such temperatures... Then you could visit Venus? WRONG! The atmosphere consists of around 95% CO2.. So if you had a spacesuit that would make it possible to breathe? NO! The pressure is around as large as at 930 meters water depth - You'd be turned into a Lego-brick. Also the skies are filled with acid so.... Just give it up already ;)

Today is fathers day - Yay! When I came home from the exam-thingie I wished my dad a good day and danced around like crazy. After that we had our lovely father-son fight. Yeap, you heard it! Father-son.
We ate at my grandparents today and after that I had to help my grandpa moving files from his phone to the pc.. It took forever but I'm proud of him. 73 years old and still using the computer ♥

One more thing that I wanted to show you today are my nails :) I was so happy about my new shirt and so inspired that I felt like giving it a try - and success!
What do you think :D ?

[EDIT]: Sorry guys, I know I said this was the last thing I wanted to show you but a friend of mine sent me this video.. you HAVE  to watch it! :D
Barack Obama - Call Me Maybe

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