June 19, 2012

My birthday - Allison Party

Long time no see~ On June 16th I was celebrating my 17th birthday with my family. I was super excited since the weather had been bad like.. the past 3 days but on my birthday the sun was shining and it was super hot outside actually :P (Here we say that if the weatehr is good that day you were born it means that you've been a good person). My grandparents, my dad's aunt, and my cousins were here. We weren't many but it was fun :)
My best friend was invited too but she had to work so she came a little later than the others. Around 4pm I went to pick her up at the bus stop right outside my house.
Yup. Great weather!

This is what I got. I didn't wish for anything . . . Instead they gave me money for my trip :)
 These brown letters were brought to me by my best friend. It's written by our pen-pal-friend Do Yun who lives in South Korea :) He wrote me a letter in English and then one in Korean. Also he sent some candy which is called "Dragonballs" (that's what 아이셔) means. They're like.. gum'ish and then there's something really sour powder inside. It taste like apples :)
 He also sent me a cover for my phone with my favorite K-pop band SHINee. Now this cover is special. His dad is working for Samsung and from what I know he asked his dad or something to make me a special cover. Some weeks before he had asked for my favorite picture of them and look. Now it's on my phone :D

 I got this cute card from my aunt, uncle and cousin who sadly couldn't come. It was like a pop-up baby/cheerleader because.. well yeah I'm a cheerleader o.O
I got some skin care stuff from my best friend <3

And of course we had a LOT of cake again :)
____BAMBAMBAAAAM!!! Moving on to the next topic!____

Yesterday I went to my friend Mette's Allison Party. Her brother is going to Berlin with his class and they're selling these eco-products (from Allison) to get enough money :)
 That is Mette (left) and her friend Nadia. When we came there were little homemade cookies on the table. Later we had cake and drank tea like those old English women.
Mette had made this herself - She's such a genius when it comes to cakes. She got a blog too in which she writes about her recent projects :) Click here to go to Mette's blog.

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