June 25, 2012

Randomness with Lucy #2

I felt like doing yet a "Randomness with Lucy" and well.. you can't stop me! MWHAHAHAH

  • Saturday I went to my friend Maria's place. We hung out and ... well.. you know those nights! Also we were celebrating Sct. Hans.
  • My friend Sushi decided she should gift me exactly one week after my birthday. It was awesome. She had found this quote by Einstein and she told me that the first time she read it, she thought of me <3 Also she had found this poem by her favorite poet and it was pretty much explaining how we behave when we're together. I love it!

  • Remember my friend Pedro? The one who got hit by a car? Yeah.. He can walk again :) I'm so happy for him. He's still waiting for his operation but he's doing better :)
  • My friends must have been cursed or something. Suddenly they have started calling me stuff like sweetie, honey, "mulle" which in my head sounds like something a little girl would call her horse, princess and much much more. I mean, I can go with cutie and dear. I'm getting used to it, but WHO THE HECK WANTS TO BE CALLED PRINCESS?!??! I can't even.. 
  • My best friend Emily recently got a new friend. I also got to talk to him and well.. He made me these - I think I might have got a fan o.O

  • Have you ever heard people saying that K-pop isn't music? and that the singers there can't sing? I have. If you know some people who say like that you might should consider showing them this:

This is Hyorin from SISTAR~  Honestly I think she sings it better

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