June 14, 2012

Sleepover with Maria!

My friend Maria slept over here since yesterday... We didn't do much - Just lazying around. We changed to pajamas short time after she arrived here. We went to the pizza place to buy some pommes frites and a salatpizza. Yesterday Denmark was playing soccer and Maria wanted to watch . We sat down the couch and every time Denmark scored we jumped up and hugged each others, then we yelled with our super manly voices and fell back in the couch while screaming - It was really fun. We also spent a lot of the time talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. Every time they filmed the Portuguese team, they filmed his face.
Which was pretty much like this most of the time:
 "Bitch please, I'm fabulous!"
We were home alone as my parents went to some "party" (Heck no it wasn't, but that's what they called it). Maria had brought some movies as we were going to watch. 4 actually. But FIRST we decided to fool around a little. I grabbed my markers and said to her: "MARIA! We're gonna draw on the fruits!!!" 

We were just about to turn on the TV when I saw the photos hanging behind her...

(Don't worry moms, we photocopied the real photos and drew on those). 
THEN! We started our movies! First we were watching "Horrible Bosses" and "Confession of a shopaholic" which are two really good movies. Yeap.. Right after our manly way of watching soccer we were watching a girls' movie... My dad wanted to watch some other soccer game.. I think it was Germany and some other team. We sent him to my room instead...

(It's hard to see, I know! But here we are, sitting in the couch with our pink cover and pillows).
Ah btw, you guys should take a look at this. My friend Ryan was a big fan of my eyes and decided to draw me. He used my current profile picture on Facebook and it turned out like this:

It's incredible! *-*

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