June 11, 2012

Study, study, study!

WARNING! This is a LONG post about school, you'll probably be bored to death while reading.
Sorry guys T____T I've been away for 6 days now.. BAD LUCY! But I can explain!! D:
I was studying for my exam.. Yesterday one of my bros went to Hong Kong with his class and I wanted to tell him to have a nice trip since we probably won't get to talk while he's there :/ I love my bro very very much so I just HAD to say "see you" and all that before he left. The thing is that my bro is in another timezone.. Which resulted in me waking up at 4.30pm to say that to him -.- But I did! And I'm happy for that! We chatted back and forth for around 20 min. Then he told me to go back to sleep and so I did.
At 8am I'd have to go to my school, which is 15 min. away by car. I set my alarm to wake me up again at 6am so I could get to put on make-up, eat breakfast, find clothes and all that... When the alarm started I just quickly stopped it and thought "Just 5 more minutes >0<" ... Those were some LONG 5 min. Suddenly I woke up by my phone vibrating beside my head like crazy - My friend was calling me. I was too slow to pick up, instead I took a look at the watch [FREAKING 7.45AM!!!!] Oh yeah. So I JUMPED out of bed! Crawling down my staircase! Ran to my parents room at woke up my dad! (Actually he was already awake. He went to my room around 7am and tried to get me up. He thought he was talking to me but it turns out I was answering him in my sleep... Oooops... Also I think I yelled something like "NJEEEEH!!! GO AWAAAAAY *Hides under cover*" ... Yeah I definitely did.

I went to my school, I didn't have breakfast. Didn't brush my teeth nor hair. I literally looked like a monster =___= But I went there! I was at my school at exactly 8.01am! I RAN upstairs. Oh yeah.. I forgot to tell why I even went there. Yesterday was the day that I had to pick a picture and a text that I'd have to talk about at my Spanish exam - Which was today. I was the last one to pick.. but I DID get my stuff.. Now I had 24 hours to study non-stop before the exam.
I studied and studied and studied.. My text was about Mexico and the picture was of a man and a woman in a kitchen. Also I'd have to pick a text today at school and then I had around 24 min. to read it and translate it so I'd be able to tell about it in my own language.
I was SO nervous and I was shaking so badly.. I made some mistakes that I already knew was wrong, but I was ... well.. DAMN NERVOUS T___T!!!  I got the grade 7 which is pretty good. It's above average but I know I could've done better if I hadn't been so nervous :/
The scale goes like this: 03, 00, 2, 4, 7, 10, 12 Where 12 is the best and if you get 00 or below you'll fail :/

Now I have exactly 2 weeks off before the next and last test - History... Blaaah =___=

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