June 25, 2012

T.G.I.S (Thank God It's Summer!)

BOM BOM POW! I'm back!  
(What a bedhead huh? hahaha)

Today was a dark and rainy morning. I was going to my last "exam" today. In history. Yesterday I was supposed to go to my school at 8am again but AGAIN I overslept... I woke up at 8.12am (very precise yes!) And rushed up there... It was the same teacher like last time. But this time I didn't get the message that I should burn in hell. Nope, just a sarcastic comment; "Are you awake?"

Anyways! It was a rainy morning! And I was going for my last exam - in goddamnhistory D: I hate history class and since this was my last one I was like "F this! It's summer!"
I was going to talk about the Roman Empire and I had put a lot of work in my papers so that I could easily find out what to say when they started asking questions. Anyways no more blabberin'... I got a B! Aaaah I'm so proud!!! Hahahah and SO hyper :P

Now my summer officially started and school is over! No more school for me in this country before August 2013!!! WOOOH \(^0^)/

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