July 31, 2012

AK, wellness day, and nails~

Sunday to Monday I had a sleepover with one of my best friends AK. Why is this so special you may ask and WHYYYY do we have to know? 

Well 1). This is my blog... so yeah I decide what to write about :P
And 2). Around 5 years or so she moved to Qatar and last time I saw her was back in August 2011 so you might understand now why I missed her so much.

We slept outside the house in the "camper" as I've been calling it the whole time. It turns out the correct word for it is "a trailer".We spent 2 whole days doing absolutely nothing but hanging around and eating (gosh we're so fat haha). Although it was raining like CRAZY Monday, we decided to go buy some stuff. I had lent her something for her nails and I thought she'd like getting one herself :)
We went, by our bikes, to buy it and luckily for us the rain almost stopped just as we stepped outside. Too bad caus' we had dressed up in our super sexy rainwear!
They didn't have that nail-thingie but we found some cheap facemasks~
Other than that I got a nailpolish (My god I'm such a nailpolish-o-holic) and a lip balm. AK is a PRO when it comes to healthy lips and since my lips are like... more dry than a dessert, I thought I could use some advice from her.
(Woooh holographic!)

ALSO! Today I had my Wellness Day which was supposed to be held on the 23rd but lazy as I am I totally forgot all about it. Therefore I did it today! I used one of my sexy facemasks but disappointingly it wasn't as blue as in the picture T_____T
(Heck yeah I'm so sexy with this one... NOT!! I look sick here.. look at my eyelids. So fat.)
I mean c'mon! I was expecting it to be like OCEAN BLUE but it turned out to be a very light green -.-
I'm sure you can find these in pretty much every make-up or bodycare store and you really should try them out :) BUT! If you consider trying them you must remember this:
- The smell is very strong - Not that it doesn't smell good, it does but you sure have to keep these away from your eyes. I think my eyes are kinda sensitive... They got all blurry but after 2 minutes the weird feeling disappeared and I could finally relax.
 Look.. it sure IS deep cleansing - you can see my pores :OO

If you reeeeeeally want to relax you should find some nice music too and lay down somewhere while waiting for this to dry. I personally like the app "iZenTemple" - Here you can listen to relaxing music and you can even add little bird chips, the sound of waves, or maybe some sound of nature. Also you can find inspiring stories to read too so what are you waiting for? The app is free - go ahead :D

My Wellness Day also includes doing my nails. Back in January my friend Agnes (who also loves nailart) challenged me to do Converse nails. I had INCREDIBLY short nails so it would've been impossible for me to do them back then. Today I'm back with healthier nails than ever and I'm finally ready for round 2! Come at me Agnes! >:D

July 28, 2012

Randers, Picnic, and Justin Bieber

I will be the new... NEVER!

Hahahahhaha. Sorry... I just couldn't help it. This is way too awesome

Look! Yesterday I was listening to this song and I was looking at the comments - There was one person telling about a dead family member and others were like "Cry, it might make you feel better". Of course there were those hateful comments about how people should just shut up and act like real men so I thought I'd leave a comment too and when I came back today (by accident actually) I saw that it was already the top comment. I felt so wise~
Oh and look at comment #2! I personally loved that :J

So I went to visit my family in Randers yet again (Monday-Tuesday) since next time we'll meet up with them I won't be around. I went there alone with my grandparents and stayed there for one night.

(Having lunchfast)
They were dog-sitting this little cutie named Lucky.. here she's lying under the table beside my feet.

My family owns a company named aida. We went to see their factory.. it was FREAKING HUGE I tell you. 

Bubble bubble pop pop bubble bubblepop! 
Wednesday I went on a picnic with my friend Sushi! :D 
She had been on an island called Fanø the last few days with our friend Maria and they had been making dresses. She wanted to show me so we decided to wear dresses - She brought cool aid and something to sit on while I brought umbrellas (So we could hide from as the vampires we are) and something sweet.
It was REALLY hot (Okay yes .. 27 degrees IS hot if you're from my country!
The warm weather caused a lot of insects whiiiich lead to a LOT of seagulls - Sushi doesn't like birds and I'm usually her private scarecrow but not that day. While she was hiding under the umbrella I had fun taking pics and telling her how they'd constantly get ready to attack her.

And I'm sorry that I didn't put up any pictures of myself but... I was the only one playing with the camera and I SUCK at taking pictures of myself =____=

Croatia 2012 - July 13th

BAMBAMBAAAAAAAAM!!!!! Today is Friday 13th!!!! O_____________O

This is it. Today we were going home. I woke up … Honestly I was too tired to look at my watch -.- Well.. It was a strange feeling to go outside with the tent gone. So bright O___O

We had our first stop behind these trees at “Pizzeria Aquarius” around 2pm.
Too bad it’s hidden because it was a really nice place with a relaxing atmosphere. There was a fireplace outside and a nice view to a lot of flowers + that the waitress was super nice and smiling. Such a welcoming place. We had pizza and french fries - I have never had such french fries. They were homemade and had just about the right amount of salt. They were perfect and soooo crunchy!             

The pizzas were huge! Loads of cheese but still not so much that it gets too much. The bottom was steady (in a good way! I hate those gummy pizzas) and soooo delicious.      
       (Noticed the paper flower? Hahah I ALWAYS leave those after eating out! It's like.. "Lucy was here!") 

We were too full to eat it all so the waitress gave us a box that we could put in it and bring with us - Later we had this for our dinner.
-Take my advice! If you either live there or will go to Croatia do NOT just drive by. This is a place that you HAVE  to try so spend some time there and go enjoy yourself and the atmosphere there :) 

July 26, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 12th

Darn it! I overslept... again! I was supposed to wake up around 6am so I could go wake up my friends that were heading back to Denmark today, but even though I set like 4-5 alarms on my phone to wake me up it didn't work -.- Okay okay... I DID go to sleep around 3am but.. I still should be able to wake up myself.. Instead I woke up 8.30 or something - My friends left 7am =_____= And I didn't hug them yesterday when I went home because I knew I'd come wake them up. Well.. one of them said himself that we should meet up since their city isn't far from ours.. and he wanted it to be during this break. Still hope! :P Hahahah

Both them and Emily left today. I still know a couple of people here but it’s just not the same :/ My siblings were playing with Emily’s cousin and younger brother so they’ve been bored today. Actually… all we’ve been doing was hanging around here and complaining.. therefore we changed our plans. Instead of staying until Sunday we’ll go home the day after tomorrow and there will be no salt caves for me :/ Maybe next time..

Tonight I’ll go out with my friends here and try not to get home too late.. or maybe I should. Sitting in a car with my siblings can be pretty tough.. I’d rather just sleep but it’s impossible with them being so noisy -.- 

July 25, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 11th

Yesterday (July 10th) Emily and I were being lazy again - today is her last day here before she’ll drive back home so again we were 5 families that were going together. We went to a restaurant and seriously… I love the look in people’s faces when you say: “A table for 21 please”.

Okay but before that we’d been hanging out with that group of friends. It was sooooo hot so we just found a place near the beach (under a tree) and sat down on our towels. I don’t know how long we stayed there for but it was quite cozy as some of us were tired since we came home pretty late yesterday. Even though it was hot they decided that we should play tennis! (Naaah not me, I was still tired and super lazy). They were playing for an hour while some of us were just watching or sometimes we joined if one of them got tired.

 After that we thought we should part up and get some lunch. I was sitting outside by the table and listening to music when one of my friends came over. He asked me if I wanted to go for a quick swim in the pool - At first I refused since I knew I needed a bath and then get ready before tonight but in the end he got me convinced. After all he’d have to get dressed too later on. We found my sister and forced her to go with us (mwhahahah). THEN! We went back and parted so I could have my bath. He and his brother were going to eat out too tonight… maybe even at the same place as us.

When we were sitting at the restaurant (and complaining about being downgraded to the “kids’ table”), we suddenly saw them. At first they couldn’t get a table and after that they found out they had no cash so they had to find another place. We did meet them later on when we got back to the campus - We went to the pool and after a quarter we had our whole group of friends sitting around us. The pool bar closed at midnight so we had to leave - We went down the mole and after that we found some grass to lie on. We were looking at the stars when a large group of guys (I think they were a little bit older than us) started walking towards us. Lazy as we were we just sat up and started mumbling about “who are they? What do they want? Why are they coming this way?!” and stuff like that. The guy in front sat down and say “Dav!” (Another way to say hi in my language). He told us how he’d been walking around alone before he found this group of Polish, German, and Dutch guys. They seemed pretty drunk so we thought we’d just walk away. They started following us and soon we ran to the toilets. Emily had been… uhm.. a little drunk and now she was tired. She wanted to go home and I thought I better make sure she found her own tent so I went too.  Sigh… It’s going to be so strange without them :/
(Noticed how I haven’t been putting up many pics these days? Yeah I’m too lazy to bring my phone.. Sorry! T____T)

July 24, 2012

Sometimes all we need is just a hug..

So I was having ... not the best time. My friend is.. yeah he told me something that brought me down a little and.. I've tried to tell him how much it scares me and how much I care for him but he doesn't seem to understand.. It's his choice though and now it seems the only thing I can do is to support him :/
 Other than that I got yet a mail about my high school stay in the US. They've experienced some problems lately and I don't know.. with this mail I'm starting to lose hope :/

Then I was sitting on Facebook.. I had had a long and tiring day and was in my emo mood -.- When I'm in a bad mood it pretty much affects everybody near me too.. It's like an evil aura O_O My really really really good friend suddenly chatted me in my being-emo-and-doing-nothing and.. Well I didn't even tell him about my bad mood .. it's like he already knew. Since we weren't hanging out - just chatting, he was like: "-hugs- you are still amazing"

You saved my day you know..  Sometimes.. All we need is a hug
Don't ever take friends for granted. When you're standing on the bottom of the deepest hole and just can't get up they will always be there up top of that hole, waiting for you with ropes in their hands and a smile on their face~ 

My friend went off and I figured I'd have to do something.. or else I'd get back in that bad mood again. I went on 9gag (don't judge me!) and saw a this post:

I don't know exactly WHAT stars do to me but they sure are a weakness of mine and I HAD to figure out how to make them - I found a tutorial HERE. It's part into 5 steps but if you're lazy like me you can just start by looking at step 4 and then follow the video in step 5 which can be watched here:

Or in case it doesn't work you can find it RIGHT HERE.
I started out by making 3 and at the 3rd I had finally mastered it!
(My first one looks soooo retarded...)

Have fun making these cute little stars and try to use a lot of different coloured paper to get that stardusty effect, but beware! It's super addictive! 
~Good luck~ 

Croatia 2012 - July 9th

Dear Diary..
Eeew hahah my blog is starting to sound like a diary - it’s not! But I like telling what I’ve been doing. This way I can always look back and be like “Oooh I remember back then in Croatia when I did this and this blablabla” :P Also, a bunch of my friends wanted me to tell them EVERYTHING when I got home but I’m afraid I’ll just forget it so I better write it down now while I still do.
As planned we ended up hanging out with that group of people. Emily and I went to the pool where we met some of them - By accident actually. They were with a girl who gave us the meanest look. She had been hanging out with them before they met us and the other girls and now she’s mad. The silent guy told me that he think it’s because she doesn’t get all the attention now that she isn’t the only girl anymore. Well fine.. if she wants that to ruin her vacation then it’s her choice. We got hungry and left the pool area. When we came back the others were there too - also the two new girls who happened to be extremely nice :) We were “playing around” for a little time when suddenly the guys then thought it’d be fun to have us (all of the girls) sitting on their shoulders. While the guys were holding us we then “fought” by trying to push off the other girls- It was SO much fun haha :D After some rounds of our “chicken fight” (I think that’s what they call it) we stopped and went down the beach to play volley. The sand there was way too hot there to play on so we went to the other volley area - Same here. Now the silent guy got a new idea.. Let’s rent a boat and sail to that small island out there!      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Le island~

We went back to our own lots to change clothes and get some money, then we met up at Philip’s place and went down the beach together. (That girl who gave us that mean look didn’t go pfff.. I guess we were too many girls). Anyways! We were now 12 people back and we rent 2 boats with pedals. They also had a slide :P There was a problem though - We were only allowed to be 4 on each boat so we told the people there that the silent guy, his brother, and one more guy would swim. Later, when we were out the sea, they jumped on the boats. On that island there was a house - Actually I thought there were people living there but nope. We took a quick look inside before we got off the island and sailed out. We stopped the boats and swam around instead. The guys jumped off the boats and made all those trick and tried to get as many of us wet as they could.. The silent guy’s brother had jumped off but got on our boat where after he grabbed my legs and tried to throw me down the slide backwards and with my head first.. It didn’t work though as I was stronger than he expected :P After a tough fight he finally won and I fell into the water -.- It was crystal clear though and had a really nice temperature~~  None of us had brought a watch, nor our phones and we had only rent the boats for an hour, so we went back to the beach. It turned out that we had only been out there for half an hour but it was okay since some of them had to be home at 5pm.
We are going to meet at Pauline’s place (Phillips sister) after dinner - Who knows what we’ll be doing tonight?

July 22, 2012


(Sorry they're kinda messy. I didn't  get to "clean up" before I took this pic but I hope you like them anyways :)

Croatia 2012 - July 8th

My body.. I can’t remember last time it was this heavy when I woke up. I woke up around 10am (or something like that) but I was still really tired so I “woke up” around 11am. I had some bread and some pancakes for “lunchfast” :P              
                                                                                                                                                                        With this super yummy chocolate sauce on them~
Then I went to Emily’s place but we were both too lazy to do anything. At 3pm my family met up with hers - we were going to the beach by the end of the campus. My family, Emily’s family, Emily’s uncle’s family, Emily’s uncle’s friends, and Emily’s uncle’s sister’s family (holy cow) had rent a boat. Usually it’s for more people but we had got a special offer so it was just us (21 people).
                                                                                                                                                                                 (As you see the weather was great! The grass was pretty much dead caused by the heat but the water was crystal blue)
                                                                                                                                                                                Here is the boat. I didn’t get to take more pictures as I was afraid I’d accidently get my phone wet. Emily’s aunt Lene had brought her camera which is way more professional than mine and she took a huge bunch of pictures as I will put up here as soon as I get them.
We got on the boat and took off. We had rent the boat for 6 hours so there would be a lot of time for us to enjoy the trip. I had feared this - not because I’m afraid of sailing (or the fact that I can’t swim) but because I’d be stuck somewhere with my family for that long. Being around my family constantly can be pretty tough but.. I had Emily around me <3 As we were sailing we passed two nudist campuses. The kids on the boat freaked out when they saw the first few people and started yelling like crazy. After that came laughter…  A speedboat passed us. Emily and I waved.. you know.. just for fun, but the guys on the boat took it as flirting I think.. I don’t know! Something like that. So yeah.. they sailed around our boat to you know “show off” before they left again waving.                                                                                                                           We had been sailing for..  I don’t know, when we found a shore. It was surrounded by cliffs and there was a cave too. There were a lot of stairs that led up to the cave. Up there was a bar and a lot of pirate stuff. It was awesome! They were playing loud summer songs and you could get into that cave to take pics. Emily’s mom bought us a Sex on the beach - Now I usually don’t drink but I felt like I couldn’t say no. It wasn’t that bad actually but my favorite part was the red stuff in the bottom - yum :) Once in a while you’d also hear a cannon shooting.
We were now in the Limfjord. We shipped out once again to get to the other side of it. The captain was cooking for us while we got into the water. My dad told me the water was filled with salt, it would keep us floating and it sure did. The men and some of the kids went upstairs to jump off the roof while my mom had a LOT of troubles just getting in. Emily’s mom gave her a peptalk and surprisingly she got in. She quickly went to my dad but she kept him underwater. My dad took some life guard course when he was younger so he knew what to do - Whew.. I don’t even want to think of what would have happened if it wasn’t because he knew what to do…
There was some meat, some bread, some vegetables, and some fish for our dinner. We think that the captain had caught the sardines when we had been up there in the cave. They were cooked with heads and tails and.. ugh even eyes. EEEW!! Heck no I didn’t want to eat that… I can’t eat something after having eye contact with it O_O
We went ashore - This time we were on our way home and we were supposed to watch dolphins. The dolphins decided not to show up so instead we took yet a break with swimming. I had to shake my head when Emily told me there was a depth of 40-50 meters.
We saw many boats on our way - speedboats too. Emily and I were sitting in our bikinis at the end of the boat with our legs hanging outside. Now we were going home. Once again we saw a speedboat with 3 young men passing us. We waved to them while laughing and they waved back. They made a total O-turn just to wave to us once again and just as Emily burst into laughter they sent us flying kisses. It was a funny feeling~ Our parents (who were drunk.. or at least the men were) started blabbering about that “It’s THAT kind of guy you should get! Those ones with nice boats!” .. No.. I can’t even… Man they were having fun -.-
We got home around 9pm I think. Emily and I took a quick bath before we went to the internet point at the reception - Emily wanted to Skype with a friend~ On our way up there there was a guy who ran in front of us and just started dancing o.O We just smiled at him and went away. The net was pretty sucky (as always here =___=) so we decided to go back home. When we were about to leave that strange guy came up to us again and started dancing. This time we stopped and said “hi!” in our language and it turned out that the guy was Philip (That guy who had come to our lot 2 days ago). He was really surprised to see us and his group of friends quickly called us over. They made space for us around the table - In the beginning it was kinda awkward. There were 2 new girls too and they were all focusing on them. The silent guy (the only one we hadn’t talked to yet) tried asking me some questions (I think he wanted us to .. well participate in the conversations) but we gave short answers as the others went silent when it was “our turn” to talk. We left the reception and went to the Volleyball place’thingie… There were people playing and we felt like playing too. They left and we started playing - some of us just sat down to watch it. As we went home we got to talk to the silent guy again - He’s actually REALLY really nice :) He asked if we had plans tomorrow and since none of us did, we decided to hang out tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes :)

July 20, 2012

My latest project~

 Yay! My latest project is finished!
"What IS your latest project?" You might ask. The answer is.... a shirt! Actually not one but 2!!!
Yesterday I went to the doctor to get my last vaccine against Hepatitis A and B (AUCH!) and after that I went to a boutique called Ginatricot and bought two white oversized t-shirts with some blondes on the back, then I bought some paint - Not normal paint, this is made for clothes. (Note that the tusch is also made for drawing on clothes - Normal tusch shouldn't work.
And here's the result - 2 wonderful shirts with the Korean flag. (Taegeukgi/Taegukgi/태극기)

  Since it's oversized I thought it'd also be nice with a little knot on the side to make it a little smaller~ 

The other one will be given to my best friend. I really hope she will appreciate my hard work <3 

My little brother and Emily's cousin is in the cinema watching Batman- When my dad will go pick them up I will ask him to put this on her doorstep as she lives near the cinema. AAaah I'm so excited! :D

Croatia 2012 - July 7th

I woke up at 8am and took a quick shower. Today I was going shopping with Emily’s family in some other city named Rijeka. We made a car for the men and one for the girls. We drove for .. well actually a while and we had to get through something that looked like a border (it wasn't though). They had an air-condition in the car so when I got back outside it was like entering an oven. It was crazy! > < There were no people and it looked pretty much abandoned..     
                                                                                                                                                See? And then there was carton everywhere.. broken windows and everything. It kinda reminded me of some old Western movie. 

                                                                                                                                                                        This is the main road in which you could find the boutiques.
At first we went to McDonalds to have some food before we could start the shopping for real. We were sitting outside because it was WAY too hot inside.. too many people! Emily and I had a table beside her mom and aunt. We were talking when some little girl (she was around 6 or something) came over and said something to us in her own language. We didn’t understand the words but he saw her hands - She wanted food. Emily’s mom got her away but I felt so mean that I couldn’t give her anything in time T___T Poor little girl…
We went to a few shops before we found a mall with 4 floors! Outside there was a couple of sign with names of the different stores you could find inside the mall. Emily’s mom told us that there were around 70~ Emily and I could go alone and we spent a LONG time in one of the shops.. actually so long that we didn’t have time to check out the other floors :/ They had soooo much nice clothes- Emily found some shirts and 2-3 dresses while I found these:   
                                                                                                                                                                    (I took this picture around midnight.. I’m sorry for the bad quality)

After our shopping we drove off for another city - Opatija. Apparently this is where all the rich and famous people came a hundred years ago and you could see that. The hotels there were very different from those in Rovinj and Rijeka. We had to get by a small park - It was beautiful! So many flowers and trees *-* In the park there was a long wall with graffiti or paint on it - They had made a lot of famous people. I found Einstein :P                                                                                                                                                                   

We found a restaurant there - It was close to the water and we could view it from where we ate. While eating we suddenly heard a lot of car noise - Somebody was getting married! There were maybe 20-25 cars, all using their horns non-stop. They drove through the streets with a bunch of people walking after the cars. It’s fun to see traditions in other countries like this one~
We had some candyfloss and suddenly two guys sat down on a bench with their guitars and started playing. It sounded pretty good actually and they were playing several known songs such as Avicii’s Levels, Gotoye’s Somebody that I used to know, etc. :P
When we got back to the car we saw that the coming couple had parked right beside us :OO 

Driving in the mountains was another way we could get home. Emily’s aunt likes to take pictures and she wanted some of the view. We made several stops while driving so we could get out of the car and enjoy the view~ First time we got out of the car, we were standing on a cliff from where we could see the beach and somebody’s clothes down the hill o.O       

We also stopped to see a power plant  
We were home around 10.20pm - What a long day!