July 31, 2012

AK, wellness day, and nails~

Sunday to Monday I had a sleepover with one of my best friends AK. Why is this so special you may ask and WHYYYY do we have to know? 

Well 1). This is my blog... so yeah I decide what to write about :P
And 2). Around 5 years or so she moved to Qatar and last time I saw her was back in August 2011 so you might understand now why I missed her so much.

We slept outside the house in the "camper" as I've been calling it the whole time. It turns out the correct word for it is "a trailer".We spent 2 whole days doing absolutely nothing but hanging around and eating (gosh we're so fat haha). Although it was raining like CRAZY Monday, we decided to go buy some stuff. I had lent her something for her nails and I thought she'd like getting one herself :)
We went, by our bikes, to buy it and luckily for us the rain almost stopped just as we stepped outside. Too bad caus' we had dressed up in our super sexy rainwear!
They didn't have that nail-thingie but we found some cheap facemasks~
Other than that I got a nailpolish (My god I'm such a nailpolish-o-holic) and a lip balm. AK is a PRO when it comes to healthy lips and since my lips are like... more dry than a dessert, I thought I could use some advice from her.
(Woooh holographic!)

ALSO! Today I had my Wellness Day which was supposed to be held on the 23rd but lazy as I am I totally forgot all about it. Therefore I did it today! I used one of my sexy facemasks but disappointingly it wasn't as blue as in the picture T_____T
(Heck yeah I'm so sexy with this one... NOT!! I look sick here.. look at my eyelids. So fat.)
I mean c'mon! I was expecting it to be like OCEAN BLUE but it turned out to be a very light green -.-
I'm sure you can find these in pretty much every make-up or bodycare store and you really should try them out :) BUT! If you consider trying them you must remember this:
- The smell is very strong - Not that it doesn't smell good, it does but you sure have to keep these away from your eyes. I think my eyes are kinda sensitive... They got all blurry but after 2 minutes the weird feeling disappeared and I could finally relax.
 Look.. it sure IS deep cleansing - you can see my pores :OO

If you reeeeeeally want to relax you should find some nice music too and lay down somewhere while waiting for this to dry. I personally like the app "iZenTemple" - Here you can listen to relaxing music and you can even add little bird chips, the sound of waves, or maybe some sound of nature. Also you can find inspiring stories to read too so what are you waiting for? The app is free - go ahead :D

My Wellness Day also includes doing my nails. Back in January my friend Agnes (who also loves nailart) challenged me to do Converse nails. I had INCREDIBLY short nails so it would've been impossible for me to do them back then. Today I'm back with healthier nails than ever and I'm finally ready for round 2! Come at me Agnes! >:D

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