July 15, 2012

Back from vacation :P

So it's like this: I DID have internet both on my phone and on my lappy. I'd have it on my lappy if I went to the internet point in the reception and so I did BUUUUUT the internet was super slow and terribly bad so I tried going to my blog on my phone: BLANK! Therefore I haven't been able to blog while I was gone =___= Anyways, every day I spent time writing down what I had been doing so I could blog about it and I don't want that time to be wasted... SO!!! I will just post about my days now :P
For reference; I'm home now. I got back home yesterday around midnight :P

So yeah basically I'll just post about my vacation and since I already made those posts in word and just saved them I won't spend much time writing - That gives me time for my new project. I want to make a dance cover :D I might post it here later if it turns out well.. we'll see :P Have fun reading and have a good summer ^^!

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