July 25, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 11th

Yesterday (July 10th) Emily and I were being lazy again - today is her last day here before she’ll drive back home so again we were 5 families that were going together. We went to a restaurant and seriously… I love the look in people’s faces when you say: “A table for 21 please”.

Okay but before that we’d been hanging out with that group of friends. It was sooooo hot so we just found a place near the beach (under a tree) and sat down on our towels. I don’t know how long we stayed there for but it was quite cozy as some of us were tired since we came home pretty late yesterday. Even though it was hot they decided that we should play tennis! (Naaah not me, I was still tired and super lazy). They were playing for an hour while some of us were just watching or sometimes we joined if one of them got tired.

 After that we thought we should part up and get some lunch. I was sitting outside by the table and listening to music when one of my friends came over. He asked me if I wanted to go for a quick swim in the pool - At first I refused since I knew I needed a bath and then get ready before tonight but in the end he got me convinced. After all he’d have to get dressed too later on. We found my sister and forced her to go with us (mwhahahah). THEN! We went back and parted so I could have my bath. He and his brother were going to eat out too tonight… maybe even at the same place as us.

When we were sitting at the restaurant (and complaining about being downgraded to the “kids’ table”), we suddenly saw them. At first they couldn’t get a table and after that they found out they had no cash so they had to find another place. We did meet them later on when we got back to the campus - We went to the pool and after a quarter we had our whole group of friends sitting around us. The pool bar closed at midnight so we had to leave - We went down the mole and after that we found some grass to lie on. We were looking at the stars when a large group of guys (I think they were a little bit older than us) started walking towards us. Lazy as we were we just sat up and started mumbling about “who are they? What do they want? Why are they coming this way?!” and stuff like that. The guy in front sat down and say “Dav!” (Another way to say hi in my language). He told us how he’d been walking around alone before he found this group of Polish, German, and Dutch guys. They seemed pretty drunk so we thought we’d just walk away. They started following us and soon we ran to the toilets. Emily had been… uhm.. a little drunk and now she was tired. She wanted to go home and I thought I better make sure she found her own tent so I went too.  Sigh… It’s going to be so strange without them :/
(Noticed how I haven’t been putting up many pics these days? Yeah I’m too lazy to bring my phone.. Sorry! T____T)

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